Friday, October 28, 2016

D Carnegie’s hidden billions – the Business world

D Carnegie to build housing on their land. In the long term they gain access to building rights for several billion.

D Carnegie has since 20 years back purchased real estate in front of all the million program areas, renovated the apartments and raised the rent.

Now, the company will also start building housing. Long owns the land. Already have the development rights on 100 000 square meters. But a further 300, 000 square meters are at the time.

the development rights are today admitted to more than 300 million in the balance sheet. But building rights in Stockholm are worth between 5 000 and sek 10 000 square, according to the company’s ceo Ulf Nilsson. He does not want to provide any figure on the value, but a simple calculation gives a value between 2 and 4 billion.

” We have a smaller building in Upplandsbro, which we hope to get the building permits, at the end of the year. Then we hope to build in Husby, Flemmingsberg and Jordbro, ” says D Carnegie’s ceo Ulf Nilsson.

the Company has appointed a manager to start to build up a byggorganisation.

unlike many other companies engaged in similar activities, they have renovated the apartments gradually, as they become available. In this way, they avoid the costs of replacement dwellings and criticism that such movements and renovations often. The major key to success has been that they are renovating cheap, the cost is about 5 000 sek the square.

they are Now going to use their knowledge within the logistics and effective cost management, in the new business.

the development rights can be mortgaged. Accordingly, the company will build, without taking big credits.

By building new homes hope D Carnegie to the residential environment in the area improved.

Half of the purpose is to make the areas more attractive. It will have an effect on the existing portfolio. In the long term, you can raise rents, ” says Ulf Nilsson.

one year ago, finansjätten Blackstone in as a major shareholder to the company and a few weeks ago la the a pliktbud on the company.

More about it you can read here.


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