Saturday, October 29, 2016

The FBI’s decision was hailed by the Trump – bbc Radio

FBI director James Comey announced on Friday that the federal police should review the new e-mail which may have relevance for the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail management.

the Decision was hailed by Clinton’s opponent Donald Trump. The inquiry about how Hillary Clinton handled the e-mail in the meantime, that the foreign minister is the worst political scandal since Watergate, ” said republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a Friday evening, while his supporters shouted: “Lock her up, lock her up!”

Jessica Potter, along with all the other expected at the Trump for two hours in the balmy höstkvällen, thought that it was amazing that the FBI shall investigate yttterligare e-mail that may have relevance for the investigation of Clinton.
– I have never liked her. She is disgusting and nasty, ” says Jessica Potter, who also think that Clinton should be imprisoned.

News the FBI director informed congress that the federal police should check additional mail that may have a bearing in the investigation of Clinton, was a political bomb.
Trumpsidan was quick to seize the opportunity in new attacks against Clinton, despite the fact that it is neither is known which the new data is or the significance of them.
Clintonsidan surprise by the news and were critical to the FBI’s actions.

Hillary Clinton herself asked for all the paper on the table:
– The american people deserve to get all the facts immediately, ” said Clinton, who noted that the FBI director himself said in a letter to congress that he does not know if the e-mail he refers to has any importance or not.

Clinton said certain that FBI would not change his earlier opinion that she should not be prosecuted for crimes for the management of their private e-mail server.

the FBI found the possibly new mejlkorrespondensen in connection with the investigation of a completely different politician, Anthony Weiner, who until recently was married to one of Clinton’s closest associates. The pair have, according to the medieuppgifter, shared computer and used the same server as Hillary Clinton.


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