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Policy. Good and stable. So describe the prime minister Stefan Löfven relationship to saudi Arabia for meetings with the autocratic royal family in Riyadh.

But Löfven also took up human rights.

– We have taken up issues such as women’s rights, capital punishment, even corporal punishment. We do it in the way that we think can have the greatest effect, ” says Stefan Löfven without wanting to tell you how it is done.

Before the trip, parties and human rights organisations, the demands on him to take up the wretched state of human rights. Blogger and opposition activist Raif Badawis case has upset many. For example, the called minister of foreign affairs Margot Wallström his punishment of a thousand lashes and ten years in prison for the almost medieval. Video: want to, however, did not say if he raised the Badawis case specifically.

Repeated criticism

Löfven is not the first to criticize saudi Arabia. Time and time again will international criticism, without any improvement. Löfven claims, however, that the saudis listened to his criticism.

He also believes that the american-saudi relationship now is stable again after the diplomatic crisis, in conjunction with Sweden said up military cooperation agreement in early 2015.

What the saudi regime considers if the matter is not clear, because they are not given any interviews or comments during the visit.

the King received

Sunday met with Stefan Löfven, the three most powerful persons in the kingdom: king Salman, the crown prince Muhammad bin Nayif, and the deputy crown prince Muhammad bin Salman.

The two crown princes are influential and, in particular, the deputy crown prince takes the great place. He is in his mid-30s, the son of king Salman, the defense minister and also responsible for the Vision 2030, the economic reform programmes to make oljeriket less dependent on oil revenues. Among other things, he wants more women to be out and working.

During a visit to the recruitment agency Glowork, which specialises in hiring women, was the prime minister a little glimpse of progress when it comes to the situation of women. But it is moving forward with baby steps and the obstacles are many for the women who want to work. A barrier is that women may not drive a car, have been difficult to get to work and are under male guardianship. Both religion and tradition stand in the way.

Different countries

For a prime minister who leads a feminist government with a feminist foreign policy was the tone of caution in the comments about the women’s situation.

– It is important to see that we are two separate communities. Here is a development that they do in their own way, ” says Löfven, and notes that change does not happen with the revolution in saudi Arabia.

Before the trip, predicted analysts to Stefan Löfven must go a difficult balancing act in Riyadh. He wants to have good political contacts with saudi Arabia ahead of Sweden to take place in the UN security council in January, when the wars in Syria, Yemen and Iraq will be top of the agenda. In addition, he wishes to open the doors for Swedish companies, while the belligerent dictatorship to be criticised.

But the Leaves don’t think that it’s been so much balancing act.

– If you know what you want and it basically is a good relationship and trust, then you can also discuss difficult issues, ” he says.


saudi Arabia

the Country is an absolute monarchy, ruled by the royal family, the house of Saud.

No political parties exist, nor any elected parliament. The king appoints a consultative assembly, council, who have a somewhat expanded role in the legislative work at a later time. Even the religious leaders are consulted on important decisions.

Rule based on the Koran and islamic law, sharia. The country is ruled by an extreme form of sunniislam, called the wahhabi.

Is the world’s largest oil producer and is expected to dispose of a quarter of the earth’s known oil reserves.

Source: an Encyclopedia

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