Friday, October 28, 2016

So trying to Trump’s campaign to get voters to stay at home – financial times

NEW YORK city. the Polls are clear: Donald Trump seems to be on track to lose the presidential election.

Now put the campaign on the strategy. The goal is to groups of the electorate that the billionaire has been difficult to ignore that vote.

It is done with special promotions, and targeted messages – to get people to lose faith in the policy, reports Bloomberg.

When the united states first lady Michelle Obama for the first time kampanjade together with Hillary Clinton on Thursday, was her message is clear: The other side trying to get you to believe that your voices do not play any role. Do not go on it.

– IN the united states, it is the voters that decide who wins and who loses.

– You should not lose hope, ” said the woman who has been the Clinton campaign’s strongest card.

Want to reduce voter turnout

During the valrörelsens sprint has Donald Trump stepped up the message that the elections are rigged – while he repeatedly appeals to their supporters to take to the polling stations to vote.

But according to the opinion polls it seems not to be enough. As more and more measurements shows that Hillary Clinton is ahead of has Trump’s campaign directed their resources.

instead of attracting new voters focuses the staff now to get down to turnout. SEE ALSO Trump: Set the selection to appoint me as the winner

Make your own models

Bloomberg Businessweek has obtained access to a very closed part of the Donald Trumps valmaskineri: Headquarters in San Antonio, Texas, who is the campaign’s digital nerve center.

Where the works of over 100 people with building databases to identify voters, tailoring the message in social media and strategize. They have made their own model of how Trump’s road to the White house can see out, called "Battleground optimizer path to victory". A team of researchers put around 100 000 dollars a week in voter research.

Three strategies

It is also in San Antonio as a tactic to reduce turnout has been taken forward.

A strategist tells Bloomberg that they are working on the basis of three main tracks:

” They are focusing on three groups that Clinton needs to win big: Idealistic, white liberals, young women and african-americans.

to get these voters to stay at home on 8 november, using the campaign of the tailored messages, targeted advertising and specialinlägg in social media.

"Know it works"

the Attacks against it, which emerged about Clinton in the Wikileaks e-mails included in this strategy, according to the newspaper. The goal with them is to discourage the left-liberals who supported Bernie Sanders.

the press Conference with the women who accuse Bill Clinton of sexual harassment is another part. It aimed to get women to ignore the vote.

Towards the black uses the staff of a Hillary Clinton statement from 1996. Then she said that some african american men are "superpredatorer". A commercial with that message is currently being played in some radio stations that are popular in this väljargruppen. It will also show up on Facebook in the non-public items that can be controlled so that they appear exactly the people the campaign wants to reach.

” We know this works, because we have made models of it. It will have a dramatic effect on her ability to get those people to vote, ” says Brad Parscale, responsible for the Trumps social media work, to Bloomberg.

"Trying to reach all"

Donald Trump has not commented on the strategies. His vice-president candidate Mike Pence, however, had questions about the data in the tv program "Morning Joe" on Friday.

” I have not read the article but what transpires is offensive to me. Such a language does not represent how we work. Donald Trump and I want all the americans who have the opportunity to vote in this election. It is our message, ” he said then.

He continued:

” I have never heard anyone in our campaign to talk that way. And it is not our attitude. We are trying to reach all americans. SEE ALSO Trump opens for the rogue celebrities


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