Monday, October 31, 2016

Schörling has purchased the ”Sweden’s most expensive house” – the world of Business

After more than nine years, and a greatly reduced price have a summer cottage that has been named “Sweden’s most expensive house has been sold, can the Business world tell.

(up to DATE) On 6 march 2008 was 62 square meters "big" house in S:ta Toras väg in Torekov for sale. The asking price was 20 million sek, which corresponded to a kvadratmeterpris of 320 000 sek.

the Property was soon much written about in the media, where it was called Sweden’s most expensive house.

A week after the site was up for sale was the investment bank Bear Stearns by JP Morgan with the help of the u.s. government. On the night of 15 september of the same year, applied to the investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

in the Midst of the financial crisis was the owner a bid of 16 million but turned it down, according to the then responsible real estate agent Thomas Darpö. The summer house has subsequently had a hard time to find a new owner despite the fact that the asking price has been lowered in several rounds, which the Business world has reported.

After more than nine years and six months on the market, the summer house now finally been sold. The final price was sek 13 million and the buyer is Kerstin Schörling, 67. She is married to businessman Melker Schörling, 69, good for closer to 60 billion.

last week announced Melker Schörling that he will leave all the assignments.

“because I have for some time suffered from a gradual deterioration in health I will leave my board at the spring meetings in 2017,’ he wrote in a press release on October 24.

Melker Schörling is currently chairman of the board of the measurement technology company Hexagon, polymerbolaget Hexpol, fettillverkaren Aarhus Karlshamn and the investment company Melker Schörling (MSAB).

on Wednesday, October 26, were arrested Hexagon’s ceo Ola Rollén suspected of insider dealing after a purchase of more than 280 000 shares in Next Biometrics. The shares were purchased in private on 6 and 7 October 2015.

Two days later, buy Ola Rolléns company Greenbridge, which is 40 percent owned by Melker Schörlings investment company MSAB, two million shares in Next Biometrics. The news became known today, on Monday 31 October.

“I was informed ex post of the investment,” writes Melker Schörling in an email to the news agency Directly.


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