Sunday, October 30, 2016

The agreement, which could create a nightmare scenario – Aftonbladet

In ten days hovered the walloons, then they gave up.

perhaps You saw the news pass by. The politicians in the belgian region of Wallonia would single-handedly stop the free trade agreement Ceta.

the Agreement would promote trade between the EU and Canada. More job opportunities and less red tape could be to be reckoned with.

It had seemingly tasted the bird and cost nothing. If Wallonia is not to say no.

How it was possible? All EU countries were obliged to sign the agreement. In the Belgian case, the federal regions give a thumbs-up.

Walloon totalvägran would reduce the years of negotiations. Världsmedierna support the region as the EU’s black sheep. Should any unruly vallons destroy for half a billion europeans?

Fewer asked themselves why they refused. For this speaks the EU and Canada was silent about. The one who immerses themselves in the question, find the hooks, which applies to all EU countries, including the Mother Svea.

If the agreement enters into force allowed companies to sue states. Would Sweden make policy that affects foreign investors can thus state be brought to justice – for the non-profit.

such A threat, although future cancer – and climate research in the back, prevent Sweden to strengthen legislation on the environment and public health.

In other countries it has already happened. Germany was sued when the government wanted to phase out nuclear energy after the disaster in Fukushima and Australia were sued for the country’s law on the design of tobacco packets.

the Ceta is not open at least for free trade with the united states. The anti-Ttip, between the EU and the united states, is next on the tour.

free Trade, for, by definition, no evil. But do we really want that american storkoncerner should be able to sue the little Sweden on the billions?

we Want to open for prohibited chemicals in toys and cosmetics? We want to run the risk that the Swedish peasants driven out, and that, instead, serves school lunches with beef from animals dopats with hormones and chicken washed in chlorine?

It’s so clearly a few stepsscenario, but no politician can put hand on heart and guarantee the opposite.

Wallonia protested, but subjugation to the last. All the others left walk over in advance.

the Agreement is written in the days. Hope it’s neither the taste or the cost.


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