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Latinos have no doubt at Trump and Clinton – Aftonbladet

united states. Donald Trump promises a boundary wall against Mexico and the “ideological certification” of immigrants. Hillary Clinton want to see a path to citizenship for the nation’s millions of undocumented immigrants.

Migration issues are hot before the U.S. presidential election on 8 november. In Union City, New Jersey, where 90 percent of residents are hispanic, we have differing opinions on the presidential candidates.

the presidential candidates ‘ proposals for reform stands in stark contrast to each other. Republican Trump represents a hard line, he would also set up a “deporteringsstyrka” and investigate which parts of the world that immigration should be stopped.

Democrat Clinton uses words like “dignity” when she talks about immigration and has promised a comprehensive reform during his first hundred days in the White house. According to recent opinion polls have Clinton in support of about 70 percent among the U.S. hispanic so-called hispanics, while about 19 percent slopes Trump.

On main street in Union City – among ecuadorian restaurants and colombian clothes shops – seems, however, to no one in particular popular.

Jessica Ramirez, hosted at a mexican restaurant that her family owns:

– I intend to vote for Hillary Clinton for the historic in the united states gets its first female president. And so she seems to think that Barack Obama, there will be a continuation of his presidency and I love it.

What is the most powerful electoral factor in for you?

– Immigration. And that people get help to find a job. My parents went across the border from Mexico to Arizona. They have fought hard, my mom was babysitting and my dad worked at the factory, and today, they have their own business. And they are staying in the U.S. legally, thanks to me and my two siblings were born here.

What do you think about the rhetoric of the election campaign?

– the Trump is a joke and I do not agree with him. The fact is that he is stupid. There are many centralamerikaner here and they all work hard and obey the laws.

What do you hope for by the next president?

– That he or she will help the people more and protect us from the explosions and the terrorism that is going on.

Emilio Iglesias, a retired photographer, originally from Cuba:

– I is a republican and supports the Donald Trump. He says the truth and reach out to the people.

What do you think about his election promise to build a boundary wall against Mexico?

– It is the only thing I don’t like about the Trump. Certainly, there are many cubans in Miami, but the walls do not solve anything.

What is the most powerful electoral factor for you?

– That people can live from their work. I have lived here for 47 years and know that it is tough.

Juan (who does not want to give his last name), retired, originally from Spain.

– I’m disappointed in the candidates and don’t even know if I’m going to vote. Trump promises one thing but does it not, Clinton is the same.

What do you think is the most powerful electoral factor?

– The necessary immigration. I’m sure that Donald Trump had a lot of hispanic on their builds. And so far, no hispanic has been involved in terrorism. We will only here to work.

What do you hope for by the next president?

– this country needs a lot of things, not the least of bridges and roads.

Housewife Anna Gomez with her son, Juan Chaparro Gomez, both with roots in Colombia:

– I can not vote in the elections, for my papers are not in order yet. But even if I could, I would not have made it. I think neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Why not?

– the Trump is not consistent, one day he says that he likes hispanics and the next day it is on the contrary. And Hillary. . . The country needs someone who is stronger than she is.

What place is most like you?

– All. But mainly job creation and security issues.

Luiz Martinez, the american war veteran, originally from Puerto Rico:

– I’m not going to vote this year. I do not like about the attitude of any of the presidential candidates.

Why not?

– I have heard so much negative about Hillary Clinton on the news, if her private e-mail and so on. And Donald Trump, I don’t like the way he talks and that he is throwing out people from their kampanjmöten.

What do you think about his promise to build a boundary wall against Mexico?

– It will never happen. Mexico will not pay or allow, to any wall is built.

Which elections are most important to you?

– That more get a job. It is important for the united states, people are struggling so.


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