Friday, October 28, 2016

The rammer completes the reconstruction – Expressen

The crisis-ridden media giant, Rammer apply now to get come out of the reorganisation.

This, after all the agreements on debt forgiveness amounting, chords, now the force of law.

But still don’t have the Rammer, the crucial settlement done with the banks.

“We are grateful for the support we received during the process and the fact that suppliers, customers, employees and the Tax authorities have set up for our business,” says Stampens ceo Martin Alsander in a press release during the morning of Friday, where the group announces that it is now prepared to withdraw from the five-month long reconstruction.

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the Rammer has previously stated that the group has a letter of intent with a group of financiers. But the crux is to obtain an agreement with the banks that put on the group’s large loan from a decade of large costly felinvesteringar. Only when bankavtalet in the country can Stampen also go ahead with the funders and a planned rights issue.

terms and Conditions from Stampens funders

It said Stampens director of communications, Hampus Knutsson to GT earlier in the week.

” We must get a long-term and sustainable agreement on the site. We are in discussions with the banks that we experience as very positive and hope to present it in the nearest time. When the chords are then also defined and enforceable, we have also the formal opportunity to come out of the reconstruction, said Hampus Knutsson then.

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To formally withdraw from a company reorganisation is at the same time only a part of a larger reconstruction of a large group that is drawn with major economic problems. New financiers and banks have the opportunity to set up the conditions and such already have the Rammer is not left in the chair with in the past.

Tidningsbransch against the big conversion

– What is the focus now is that we will have a long-term agreement in place. Once we have that in place, we can take the discussion with financiers on then, ” says Hampus Knutsson.

last week, a new strategy have been submitted to the board on how the Rammer to work further after the completion of the reorganisation.

- It is a job that the management has worked with and also the tray and the employees will be involved in, ” says communications manager Hampus Knutsson.

Efforts to inform the employees began earlier in the week.

At the end of February to the Rammer have paid ackordslikviden, the part of the liabilities after the write-downs: a total of just over sek 220 million.


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