Monday, October 31, 2016

Sur måndagsbörs – Hexagon and Melker Schörling under pressure – Private Business

At 10.25 had the OMXS30 index declined 0.5 per cent to the level of 1.452 and shares for 2.5 billion had been translated. The stock exchanges in London, Frankfurt and Paris was down 0.3 to 0.7 percent.

the Hexagon was one of the largest kursförlorarna in the beginning when the shares fell 6.5 per cent. Also the principal owner of Melker Schörling AB, which has already lost lately after last week’s announcement that the industriveteranen Melker Schörling reasons of health, several board positions in the spring, was pushed heavily. The share fell 5.6 per cent. Hexagon accounts for more than half of the net asset value of Melker Schörlings portfolio.

The major oil-producing countries in Opec managed over the weekend unable to agree on a final plan to implement a fall in production. After a decline on Friday evening, oil prices continued down easily on Monday morning. In the oil sector fell Lundin Petroleum close to 2 per cent and Enquest in the same county.

Among the few companies in plus low Fingerprint Cards at the top, +3.3 per cent. The company called on Monday to the extraordinary general meeting on 30 november, among other things, to take a position on the board of directors ‘ proposal regarding cancellation of treasury shares and issuance of warrants.

Skanska and SSAB, both of which were pressured last Friday after their quarterly reports, turned up 1.3 per cent.

Nischbanken Collector fell 3.3 per cent after its interim report in the morning where the revenue and earnings ended up slightly below expectations.

Also rapportaktuella Dometic, backed, by over one per cent.

Industridistributören It traded down 4.8 percent to 53,30 € Share had its premiärdag on the stockholm stock exchange on Friday and the strike price before the listing was 46 b.c.

Börsveckan is in this week’s journal to the purchase of the Nordax, Inwido, Evolution Gaming, Gunnebo and Swedbank. All except Swedbank trading up by 1-3 per cent in the stock exchange’s introduction. Swedbank was on easy minus, in line with the other major banks.

Eniro preferred stock continued down after Friday’s negative news, including the absence of any dividend and that the ceo Örjan Frid does not exclude sökbolaget need to be switched to reconstruction. The preference shares issued fell a further 24 per cent.


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