Friday, October 28, 2016

The FBI is examining the new Clinton-e-mail – financial times

the FBI resume the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s mejlhantering during her time as foreign minister.

the Reason is that new emails have been discovered. They came up in the context of a review of the toppolitikern Anthony Weiners sex-messande.

the stock prices in the U.S. fell after the announcement.

It is during the work with another case that the FBI had come across a number of so far unknown e-mails, which are set in connection with the Clinton investigation.

In a letter to members of the US congress, writes FBI director James Comey:

"The investigative team informed me about this and I agreed that the FBI shall take the necessary measures that the investigators should be able to find out about these e-mails contain hemlighetsstämplad information, and assess their significance for our investigation."

He continues:

"Even if the FBI is not currently able to determine whether this material has any significance, or how long our investigation may take, so I believe that it is important to keep you updated with the reason of my previous testimony."

Investigating sex pictures

Several u.s. media reports, the new e-mails were discovered after the FBI seized electronic equipment belonging to the Huma Sajjad and Anthony Weiner.

Sajjad is one of Hillary Clinton’s closest advisors. She was previously married to Weiner, who is a politician with a past in the congress.

Anthony Weiner has been involved in several scandals in which he sent nude pictures of himself to a number of women. It was in connection with an FBI investigation of his was that the devices were seized.

The current e-mails should not have come from Hillary Clinton. Exactly how they are linked to the investigation is unclear.

Trump: Hope for justice

the News of the reopening of utredingen struck down like a bomb with only a little over one week left to election day.

U.S. stock markets reacted negatively to the news. The Dow Jones index dived by 1.25 percentage points, but recovered later. Also, the course for the mexican peso fell against the dollar. It is seen as a sign that investors believe the likelihood that Donald Trump will win the election has increased.

Trumps staff, this is an early christmas present. Shortly after the letter became known, launched the billionaire a kampanjmöte in New Hampshire.

” I need to start with a very important message. The FBI has just sent a letter to congress to inform that they found the new e-mails related to the investigation of Hillary Clinton, ” said Donald Trump before cheering members of the audience.

– They open up the investigation of her criminal behavior that threatens the security of America. Hillary Clinton’s corruption is on a scale that we have never seen before.

” Hopefully, justice is done to the end of the year. SEE ALSO 'Set selection to appoint me as the winner'

“on A good day just got even better”

Even Trumps kampanjchef Kellyanne Conway are cheering over the news.

"A good day in our campaign just got even better," she writes on Twitter.

Paul Ryan, the republican speaker of the congressional house of commons, says in a statement that Clinton should be shut out from the talks on U.S. national security:
"I am renewing my request to the national intelligence-the head of the Director of National Intelligence) to set up all the meetings with Clinton, the fact of the matter is fully resolved."

Hillary Clinton has not yet commented on the investigation during one of their rallies. John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton campaign, however, has come with a long statement. Where he demands that the FBI will tell you more:
"FBI director Comey should immediately give the american people more information than what is in the letter which he sent to congressmen."

Has reviewed the 30 000 e-mail

It was in march of last year it became known that Hillary Clinton used a private mail server during her time as secretary of state. The FBI launched an investigation, a central question became how sekretessklassat materials handled on the server.

the FBI found that 110 of the 30 000 e-mails reviewed contained confidential information.

In July, beating the FBI fixed that Clinton and her staff handled the potentially highly sensitive e-mail "extremely reckless". Bureau chief James Comey recommended, however, to not bring criminal charges against the presidential candidate.

– We believe that no prosecution is appropriate in this case, he said during a press conference. SEE ALSO Got millions and fly – by Ericsson


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