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Storägarna take the command in Ericsson – Göteborgs-Posten

Börje Ekholm presented as the new ceo for Ericsson during a press conference at the headquarters in Kista. Photo: Janerik Henriksson, TT

Economy it Is a paniklösning, a butcher’s, or the strategist who’ll save the Ericsson from the abyss? The questions pile up when storägaren Wallenberg send out his old retainers, Börje Ekholm to take care of the kristyngda telekomtillverkaren.

most were on the bed. The decision to allow a representative of the shareholders in the board of directors to take over the ceo role is an unusual grip.

- It is very, very surprising, ” said Daniel Djurberg, telekomanalytiker at Handelsbanken, when the news came.

Halved the market capitalization

the Tray and the government quickly gave a thumbs-up. And even the stock exchange was initially positive, even if the Ericsson share since Börje Ekholm appeared at a press conference started to fall again – in the direction of a halved market value since January.

She takes office in January. He replaces the acting chief Jan Frykhammar, who was snatched in when Hans Vestberg was fired in the summer.

Already at the press conference he was careful to promise a long-term plan for how Ericsson should be built up to something even bigger and more important in the future – with the lower cost base that Ericsson is aiming at with the current steel baths.

Ericsson omstridde chairman of the board Leif Johansson also tried to instill a long-term view on Ericsson, including a new compensation programme with a longer horizon than what the fired ceo Hans Vestberg had.

Can be interpreted in two ways

But the fact remains that there is a new manager who devoted 25 years of his professional life in different types of transactions, acquisitions, and mergers.

TT: it Is a butcher that have been sent back?

- It remains of course to see now, if there will be a short ride, or if it so be that he will sit and deal with Ericsson for a long time, ” says Åsa Wesshagen, responsible for the corporate affairs of the Swedish shareholders.

She thinks it is unclear what storägarna, with Wallenbergsfärens maktbolag Investor in the forefront, really want.

- this can be interpreted in two ways. One is to see it as that Investor really show interest and engage deeply in Ericsson. The second is that we will get to see a quick strukturaffär, that Ekholm will tune to and then get off after that, ” she says.

The challenge

the Challenges are enormous, according to a united expertise.

- the Whole telecom market is inside a quite significantly negative spiral. There is nothing that will fix itself in a few years. There will be tough times, ” says Greger Johansson, analyst at Redeye.

Acute is the crisis that the mobile operators around the world had slowed down investment, which beats against Ericsson’s sales of network and base stations. In the long term it is about finding new business areas, where there is growth.

- It is the that is the big challenge, to find the growth areas that may be widespread in 5-10 years, ” says Johansson.

Facts: Ericsson’s largest owner

Wallenbergsfärens maktbolag Investor is merged with Industrivärden in by far the largest owners in the kristyngda telekomtillverkaren Ericsson.

Ericsson’s major shareholder Share of votes at the turn of the year, in per cent Investor At 21.5 Industrivärden 15,2 Handelsbanken’s Pension foundation 4,8 AFA Insurance The 2.2 Dodge & Cox 2,0 Swedbank Robur 1,8 AMF Pensionsförsäkring Of 1.7 Skandia Life 1,6

Source: Ericsson


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