Thursday, October 27, 2016

Bomarknaden brakes according to Swedbank, the Business community

Bostadsköpkraften fell marginally in the third quarter, and has fallen four quarters in a row, driven by increased mortgage payments. The deterioration is entirely attributable to the condominiums, where prices also rose by 4 per cent. On the house market offset the increase in repayments of a price decrease of 4 percent.

It shows Swedbank’s gdp, which was announced on Thursday.

the Gdp for the kingdom as a whole fell to 119,0 during the third quarter from 119,8 the quarter before. For single-family homes rose index to the 124,9 (124,8) but for condominiums fell the index to eur 107.3 (109,9).

“We’ll have to go back to the third quarter of 2008 (before the Lehmankraschen) to find an equally bleak figure for condominiums. As before, consumer prices for condominiums in Stockholm and Gothenburg city clearly below 100. With an index of 97, fell, now even the city of Malmö is below the critical threshold of 100,” writes Swedbank.

Gdp is 100 when households use 30% of their disposable incomes to housing costs. Historical experience shows that, when households use more than 30% of their disposable income to the accommodation problems in the housing market.

Medianpriset for single-family homes in Sweden was 2.35 million in the third quarter, down from 2,44 million in the second quarter. Medianpriset for Swedbank’s typlägenhet was 3,09 million in the third quarter, up from of 2.96 million in the second quarter.


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