Monday, October 24, 2016

Indian air force has directed his gaze to the Saab – Expressen

India will have sent out letters to a number of different companies around the world. In the letters to the indian government, have wondered how the company sets itself to start up production of single-engine aircraft, together with an indian company, according to the Financial Times.

One of the companies who received such a letter is the Swedish Saab.

” It is true that the Saab and a number of other companies have received letters with requests from India on this. We’ve been to market the Gripen for a while, and there are also other companies which is where the markets and their options. Now the indian government has sent out a letter with a number of issues, ” says the press officer at Saab, Sebastian Carlsson.

India should also have sent off a letter to Saab’s u.s. competitor Lockheed Martin. Which mean that the indian air force feels that a contract with a company it is urgent.

” We got the letter in the last few days and we have begun discussions with the air force to consult with them about what they are looking for, and what preferences they have, said one of the flygcheferna at Lockheed Martin, Randall Howard, to the Financial Times.

Neither the Saab or Lockheed Martin have wanted to go into more detail on how much money such an agreement could entail. But according to the Financial Times, would the orders be able to amount to 10 billion dollars, which corresponds to approximately 89 billion Swedish kronor.

The Saab would not go into the detail of what appeared in the letter.

– It is about our ability, but I choose not to go into all the details. But I can confirm that we received a letter, ” says press officer Sebastian Carlsson.

In the morning, Saab will present its quarterly report. When are they expected to be able to give more details about the letter and what such an order might entail.


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