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Förtidsröster can save Clinton after mardrömsbeskedet – Svenska Dagbladet

the Last chance for Trump? Photo: Robert F. Bukaty/AP

CHARLOTTE/NEW YORK. In an election campaign full of dramatic twists and turns came another one on Friday, when the FBI director James Comey announced that the investigation surrounding Clinton’s e-mail during the time the foreign minister opens again. Some of the details about what the FBI is investigating or why was not made.

The federal police, the FBI’s scrutiny of Clinton’s private e-mail server was completed in July. The new data, which makes it might now be opened again, with less than two weeks left to the presidential elections, creates a situation almost unprecedented in american valhistoria.

the Investigation has been whether the mail contains classified information. The new stack email, which is reported to come from her close adviser Huma Sajjad, is said to contain over a thousand individual messages. No commentator or expert thought on Friday that the FBI has time to go through the e-mails before the election.

It means a highly probable chance that the winner of the presidential election celebrates the victory at the same time that she is involved in a federal investigation.

A depressed and subdued Clinton read a brief statement at a news conference in Iowa, where she kampanjade on Friday, with the requirement that the FBI reports more information about the e-mails so that the case can be dismissed quickly.

Hillary Clinton’s e-mail is again in the spotlight. Photo: Andrew Harnik/AP

” We have not been contacted by anyone, we found out about it when you got to know it. Which is why we require that the FBI report what this is about, ” said Clinton to reporters.

Donald Trump on the ground in the same state, few miles away, could not hide his delight over the fact that he now once again gotten the upper hand in the election campaign.

– As you heard today, so open up the FBI investigation into again, launched the Trump while his supporters headed "Lock her up!", "Lock her in".

the FBI had never opened the investigation again if it was not for a felony, continued to Trump.

No outsiders know, however, what e-mails contain, or if they have with the Clinton’s in the past criticized the private e-mail server to do.

The new information comes from a separate investigation into Huma Abedins ex-husband, the skandaliserade politician Anthony Weiner, who found several times to have sent sexually charged pictures of himself to women who were not his wife, so-called "sextning".

The skandaldrabbade democratic politician Anthony Weiner and his ex-wife, Clinton’s close advisor Huma Sajjad, whose e-mail is now being examined by the FBI. Photo: Kathy Willens/AP

Before Friday’s dramatic data from the FBI had Clinton a clear advantage in public opinion. Donald Trump had not been able to throw off the criticism after Access Hollywood-the movie that was leaked in september, and where the Trump is heard bragging about how he molesting women.

After the movie and the allegations of abuse from a dozen women fell the Trump greatly in opinion, a spigot he has not recovered from. Earlier in the week spoke valanalytiker in the united states on a virtually unassailable lead for Clinton, even if Trump is downloaded into a part.

Late on Friday led Clinton by just over 5 percentage points nationally, according to Real Clear Politics. She had the clear edge in several key states, like Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Hampshire and North Carolina. In a couple of others, like Florida and Nevada, was her direction, however, close to the margin of error. And Trump had small wires in, among others, Iowa and Ohio.

What is the effect of the new turnaround in Clinton’s e-posthärva may show themselves in the coming days as new polls show fall into.

One factor, however, suggests for Clinton, the a number of millions of americans have already voted. Absentee voting has been underway in some states for several weeks, in some ways with what is reported to be record-breaking commitment. How the voters vote no-one knows, but in both Florida and North Carolina have more registered democrats than republicans voted, shows preliminary statistics from earlier in the week.

absentee voting at a library in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Friday. Photo: Erik Bergin

Clinton also has a much for more extensive organization in place in order to attract voters to the polls than what Trump has. And candidates can be important in a presidential election, especially in states like Florida, where close to or over half of the voters are expected to cast their votes before election day on november 8.

Such voters helped Barack Obama to secure the election victory eight years ago.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, was the car park near enough full outside of the library where the voting was underway on Friday.

– the Number is up 10 to 20 per cent so far compared with 2012, says a campaign workers, Betty Wilson, to SvD.


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