Sunday, October 30, 2016

Clinton strikes back – the Trump buttons check – Expressen

DAYTONA BEACH. Hillary Clinton went to the offensive in the night to FBI director James Comey.

She called his actions "deeply disturbing".

But in the latest national measurement is different now just two percentage points to Donald Trump – and it was made before the new mejlhistorien became known.

It was planned that Hillary Clinton would visit the Dickerson Center in Daytona Beach on this day and try to raise the valtemperaturen in important Florida. The last day’s drama did not change in the travel plans.

The mejlhistoria who stalked her for over a year, was detonated in the new Friday when it became clear that FBI director James Comey informed the congress that the new emails have been found and that the investigation against Hillary Clinton can be taken up again.

Hillary quickly came to check on it in his speech last night in front of about 900 people:

– You may have heard about a letter to the FBI director wrote, she starts, and is met by boos. Boos directed towards James Comey, not against her.

– is It right strange that something like this is sent out just before an election with so little information, yes it is more than strange, unprecedented, and deeply disturbing.

James ComeyPhoto: Justin Lane / Epa / Tt / EPA TT NEWS agency

Realize the question mark

Hillary then repeated what she already said on Friday evening. That the FBI must publish more information, to put the cards on the tables. She realizes, of course, that the questions that Comey created probably hurt her more than the actual content of the material.

It is not hillary’s e-mails the FBI found without her adviser Huma Abedins. She shared a computer with her then-husband Anthony Weiner, a democrat who the FBI is investigating for having sent sexmeddelanden to a 15-year-old girl.

FBI director James Comey received criticism from several quarters yesterday for its actions. The day before he informed leaders in congress that the FBI found the new material, so advised the department of justice him from doing just that.

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It is unusual for the FBI so this close to an election, publishes information that could influence an election. But for Donald Trump, it is of course a sign of just how serious the whole story is.

During the Saturday night spoke Trump in Phoenix, Arizona and went as expected hard to the new data from the FBI.

– Hillary has no one but itself to blame for its growing legal difficulties. Her criminal conduct was deliberate and conscious, ” said Trump.

“the Biggest scandal since Watergate”

He reiterated that he believes it is the largest political scandal since Watergate, and says that Clinton deliberately risked national security.

” Justice will finally be wonderfully served.

Hillary campaign held a conference call the night of yesterday, and her counselors were urged to convey a coordinated message over the weekend: that the FBI has not opened the inquiry again, that none of the e-mails sent from Hillary Clinton, that the FBI needs the public more details from the investigation and that they dislike to FBI director James Comey acted on their own.

But it is clear all around the Hillary understand the seriousness. Or Donna Brazile, the democratic party chairman and a close ally to Hillary Clinton put it yesterday.

” It is as if a truck drove right into us, it becomes a great disruption at the worst possible time.

“Boy, did I have a right”

Donald Trump spoke in August about Anthony Weiner and warned that he would have access to hillary’s emails through his wife.

Trump – never the modest type – found yesterday:

Boy, was I right there!!!!

– If you check my tweets. It was so perfect. It’s called good judgement.

We’ll see how the voters react. In the Washington Post/ABC’s last measurement of the night was Hillary 47%, against Trumps 45. And it was made before the mejlaffären.

No wonder Hillary urged Florida citizens in the night to go out and vote already now. They can vote in advance here.


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