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The game behind – so was She the new ceo – the Express newspaper

Hans Vestberg was fired from the job as ceo of Ericsson on July 25, and the chief financial officer, Jan Frykhammar was linked in as acting president.

since Then, Ericsson’s share has fallen like a stone on the stock exchange, Ericsson announced a profit warning that shocked the market, a pitch-black statement and a fiscal strategy which affects several thousand employees in Sweden.

in Addition, Ericsson’s plagued data about the rumours, the intrigues, the first cardinal and leaks.

Several names in the förhandsspekulationerna

the Speculation about who will take over has been a serial in the media. One of the hottest candidates has healed been Håkan Eriksson, who has been head of the company’s operations in Australia. The other mentioned are, among others, Vestas Wind Systems ceo Anders Runevad, with 28 years behind them in Ericsson. A third hot name has been group Stora Enso ceo Karl-Henrik Sundström, former chief financial officer at Ericsson.

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a number of analysts have also talked about a recruitment abroad. Nowhere has Börje Ekholm mentioned as a possible candidate to take over as the ceo of telecommunications company.

today, Ericsson’s board of directors to end a new permanent ceo, Investorveteranen Börje Ekholm, who is counted to be included in the Wallenbergssfärens internal circuit and also has been sitting in the Ericsson board of directors for ten years.

After Hans Vestberg, Ericsson has we have been looking for candidates both internally and externally. Börje was the first person on our list and is the only one who’s been asked to become the ceo of Ericsson, says chairman Leif Johansson at the press conference.

first choice

a number of experts that Your Money have been in contact in the morning believes that the protracted process of recruitment in a deepest crisis ever suggest that Börje Ekholm was not the board’s first choice.

– It indicates that it has not been a straight path up to this decision. It must have been preceded by a lot of other attempts and measures. I don’t think he directly is something first choice, says Carina Lundberg Markow, head of corporate governance at Folksam.

Per Norlander, chief negotiator of Sweden’s Engineers at Ericsson, wonder why it has taken so long to get a permanent ceo in place, given that a solution existed so close.

” I have also asked myself that question. If we speculate together, I can imagine that it is not the most natural way to go from the board to the chief operating officer of the company. But I do not know and have no transparency in the recruitment process.

“It was very surprising,”

at the same time is both Per Norlander, and Carina Lundberg Markow very positive to ms Ekholm, Ericsson manager.

” It was very surprising. But mostly a positive one. Börje Ekholm increases the chances to bring an end to this turbulent situation, as Ericsson found himself in for a long time, with uncertainty, leaks and rumours, ” she says.

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Per Norlander notes that Börje Ekholm is an engineer with a strong connection to KTH, and it feels good, ” says Per Nordlander, trade union organisation representative of the Swedish association of graduate Engineers at Ericsson, and meets the requirements of Sweden’s Engineers have gone out with.

“If we get a person who meets these requirements must be, of course, be happy to begin with, in all cases,” says Norlander.

She has a great commitment in Ericsson

Börje Ekholm represents the type of leader that Ericsson needs right now, according to Carina Lundberg Markow.

– It is a stable leader with proven knowledge about the company and should have very good conditions to create the more calm the situation that the company needs to get through this difficult crisis.

How will you as a shareholder representative on Börje Ekholm is so extremely associated with Investor ab and the wallenberg sphere?

One of his strengths is that he has been able to give the impression of being relatively neutral. He has been focused on activities rather than oriented towards maktfrågor.

Mathias Lundberg, an analyst at Swedbank, considers that the appointment of Ekholm suggest enhanced involvement in Ericsson from the Investor’s side.

” It’s good that we get new leadership, and it is also a signal that the Investor is deeply involved in Ericsson’s continued welfare. Then we will see what they say at the press conference, he says to the news agency Directly.

Leif Johansson satisfied with the recruitment

at the same time underlines the Carina Lundberg Markow Börje ekholm’s own responsibility for Ericsson’s major problems.

” One must remember that Börje Ekholm, also a part of the problem because the has been sitting in the Ericsson board of directors for ten years. As a representative of one of the principal owners, he is not without the participation around not shifted in time and taken sufficient effective measures to prevent that it would go as it has done, ” she says.

Daniel Djurberg, an analyst at Handelsbanken, also highlights ekholm’s own responsibility, in an interview with the news agency Directly.

” He is one of those who is responsible for Ericsson’s strategy and where it stands today. He is also responsible for the compensation paid to the management, among other things, to Hans Vestberg.

But the chairman of the board Leif Johansson is happy with the choice:

“We like to Start Ekholm meet all the criteria,” he says at the press conference.


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