Monday, October 31, 2016

Facebook tried to buy the asian Snapchat-copy – got slammed – Veckans Affärer

Facebook does not want to lose the new generation on social media – see the Snapchat, or at least something similar, as the solution.

the Young social media users seem to increasingly prefer Snapchat over Facebook. And Facebook is starting to become increasingly anxious not to lose the new generation.

three years ago, tried to Mark Zuckerbergs social network buy up Snapchat with a bid of 3 billion dollars, but got slammed.

In the summer, tried Facebook instead buy up the Snapchat-like service Snow belong to south Korean Naver, and got slammed. This is according to sources of Techcrunch.

"It is true that Snow is to receive kärlekssamtal from different companies," said a spokesperson for Naver but declined to publish the name of Snow’s would-be suitor.

According to the task have the Snow loaded down to about 80 million in assets, and it is increased with 10 million downloads each month. The rapid growth has made the service not only attractive in Facebook’s eyes, but also with other actors such as Alibaba and Tencent.

Naver with its market capitalization of about 25 billion u.s. dollars, is mainly known for the messaging service Line.


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