Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Comment: Swedbank attracts high-dividend – personal Business

Birgitte Bonnesen took over as ceo at the helm in the winter – first as acting and then as a regular, Swedbank has gone from strength to strength. The quarterly reports have become better and better and it is now obvious what the managers of the bank should devote itself to – and it is not their own real estate business on the side.

the Focus has instead been on the bank’s conversion to a modern digital bank and to get customer satisfaction, particularly in the Swedish operations. The minnesgode will certainly remember that it would have been a contributing factor to the previous president and ceo, Michael Wolf’s the case – and this is clearly a priority for the Bonnesen.

She points out that in the Baltic countries, where Swedbank is a major feature of the sector’s most satisfied customers – and it is the focus also for the Swedish operations. To retain customers in the banking business is, of course, central – in the tough competition that is on the Swedish banking market, it is now easy to change the bank and the younger generations do not have the same conservative approach to always keep the same old bank.

the Baltic states is also one of the highlights in the middle right in the third quarter with some growth in credit plus the consolidation of the banking sector continues when the two competitors announced a merger.

For the shareholders, the trading price in recent months has been clearly positive where the course is slowly, but surely been working up to 200 $ and also now recorded over the recent past. Today’s reaction of a weak plus will therefore be considered in the light of the strong developments since the previous – in other cases, the course had likely responded with a rise of at least 2-3 percent.

But the report great results with better than expected revenues, good cost control and relatively low loan losses will give a rash of analysts ‘ excel spreadsheets in the future. Thus, there is a high probability of higher riktkurser and a continued positive development of the share where the level around the two hundralappar should now be seen as a great bottom fishing activities.

Bonnesen repeated also in connection with the report, the company’s objective is to distribute 75 per cent of the net profit, which will lead to an increase of the dividend in the spring. Since the year included a major one-time revenue, it may be in the form of an extraordinary dividend, but the yield looks right now out to be well over 6 per cent.


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