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The world’s vinkranar screwed to – Göteborgs-Posten

vine keepers in the south of Chile, where production decreases as a result of bad harvests. Arkivbild. Picture: Esteban Felix, AP, TT

Economy Nibble harvests are predicted to reduce the global production to its lowest since 2012. For consumers, the impact can be felt in several years.

That harvests will be worse than expected is not uncommon. Weather phenomena El Niño and La Niña tend to make sure that if there are good harvests on the one side of the earth it will be worse on the other. But this year has vädereffekterna coincided with frost and droughts as a result.

In south America and in south Africa as well as in France, the vinkranarna eaten. Global expected production to decrease by 5 percent compared to last year.

- We notice, of course, of the it, especially for Argentina and Chile, where we see quite large falls in volume and the rise in prices, ” says Kidde Rydholm, buyer at wine – and spritdistributören Altia Sweden.

Fluctuations are normal

Because wine is an agricultural product so it is normal with fluctuations in the asset.

- But now it is several countries at the same time where demand is greater than supply. I would not say that there is no catastrophic decline, but perhaps for some individual countries and some regions.

In Argentina are reducing production by 35 percent, and Chile loses to 21 per cent. In south Africa, believed the production to decrease by 19 percent and France with 12%.

Prolonged effect

Not since 2012, the global production has been so low. And the fall can have a long lasting effect, because the buffer that is, of the previous vintages, it is now expected decline.

TT: Will consumers suffer?

- they can make. But the price increase does not go straight out to the consumer, I can’t imagine, ” says Rydholm, and adds that exchange rates have a bigger impact than the asset when it comes to the wine market.

Hit hard

Erika Danckwardt-Lillieström, president of the trade association SVL stresses that the poor harvests and the first and foremost affects the producing countries that lose production, revenue and jobs. But higher prices can also affect the supply of Swedish consumers in the future.

- the Monopoly can come to look over their quotes and product launches in order to adapt them according to the availability of wines in the world, ” she says.

It would be of benefit to countries with good production, such as New Zealand and Italy.

Facts: the Reduction of wine production

this Year’s wine production is expected to be the lowest since 2012, and one of the three lowest since 2000. Globally, the decreases by 5%.

Some of the worst affected countries.

Brazil: -50%

Argentina: -35%

Chile -21%

south Africa: -19%

France: -12%

Source: Reuters


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