Saturday, October 29, 2016

This is Elon Musks new solpanels-roof – Industry Today

In the last year launched elbilstillverkaren Tesla its first Powerwall. It is a sort of storage battery for home use, meant to allow clients to take a major step towards becoming self-sufficient in energy.

Now, the release the company also has a series of solar panels for home use. They are intended to replace the user’s “regular” panels, and generate a steady supply of solar energy for the owner.

the Most eye catching is the appearance of the new solar panels. Where traditional pv installations are often large and clumsy so seeing the Tesla panels as completely ordinary ceiling in brick, wood or stone. The panels are available in four different color combinations and appearances. The idea is that the panels should be used in conjunction with one of Tesla’s Powerwall batteries, which can store the excess energy generated.



Tesla’s new solar panels for home use look like ordinary roof tiles. Photo: Tesla.

According to Tesla’s own solar panels, only 2 percent less effective than “regular” solar panels. They should also cost about as much as the standard roof tiles, according to the company.

the exact price tag is, however, not yet, and the first installations will be made only to the summer of 2017.

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