Saturday, October 29, 2016

FBI director warned of to tell you about new Clinton-e-mails – Aftonbladet

NEW YORK city. the department of Justice asked the FBI director James Comey not to inform congress about the new Hillary Clinton-the e-mails.

This is according to sources familiar with the case for the Washington Post.

” We said that the ministry’s approach is to not do anything that can be seen as the impact on the election, says the agent.

the Criticism of how Hillary Clinton handled his mejlkorrespondens as minister for foreign affairs has followed the democratic candidate in the entire presidential campaign.

With only eleven days left to the election day, went to FBI director James Comey on Friday, out with new information about the investigation.
In a letter to congress he wrote that the so far unknown e-mail had been detected. They may have relevance for the Clinton case, according to the FBI. Later it turned out that the e-mails come up during the investigation of former toppolitikern Anthony Weiner sex-messande. Fox News reports that there may be tens of thousands of messages, found on a laptop.


It is very rare that the FBI is releasing information which may be politically sensitive this close to an election. Several leading democrats have criticized the Comeys act.

the Clinton campaign has taken a foothold on that Comey writes that the agency does not know if the e-mails are of any significance. During a brief press conference on Friday evening called for Hillary Clinton for more information from the FBI:

– If the FBI sends out this letter, they must share any facts they have to the american people. SEE ALSO This cheapens Trump the woman facing the audience

Call: don’t Tell

the FBI-the manager’s actions are controversial, even at the highest political level. The Washington Post reports that James Comey informed the justice department about their plans before the letter was sent. He was then invited to not go out with the information.

” We said that our position was not to comment on an ongoing investigation. And we’re not doing anything that could be seen as the impact on the election, says a source at the ministry told the newspaper.

Comey understood our setting. He took an independent decision to tell the congress. He act independently vis-à-vis justitedepartementet, and it knows if he, continue the agent.

the FBI director, the main reasons to inform the members of the board must have been to avoid accusations of cover-up after the election. SEE ALSO Got millions and fly – by Ericsson


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