Sunday, October 23, 2016

Löfven met with king Salman – bbc Radio

Stefan Löfven has a busy day ahead of him during his visit in saudi Arabia, full of meetings with royalty and government representatives. The prime minister will face the “top three” in the saudi governance — king Salman, the crown prince Muhammad bin Nayif, and the deputy crown prince Muhammad bin Salman.

In saudi Arabia, there is a hope to buy the new weapons for use in the country’s conflict with the neighboring country of Yemen.

– saudi Arabia is in clear need of weapons and different krigsföringssystem, a trade delegation from Sweden fits in well in their wishlist, ” says Abdulhadi Khalaf Saudarabien Connoisseur at the department of sociology in Lund.

saudi Arabia is leading a coalition that 2105 is contrary to the shia Hothirebeller who have taken control of large parts of neighboring Yemen. The saudis have recently been increasingly criticized for acts of war where the civilian deaths. Among other things, killed 140 people last months then Saudiskt bombflyg attacked a funeral.

in that position get the visit of a prime minister from a country that has a high profile when it comes to human rights is important for saudi Arabia, ” says Abdulhadi Khalaf.

” For me it was an inappropriate time to himself, the Swedish prime minister to travel there. He could have sent an officer, ” he says.

Can saudi Arabia take advantage of this in the promotional purpose, in a time when more and more criticism of its warfare in Yemen?

Sweden has a fantastic reputation in the Arab world and it can saudi Arabia take advantage of, respond Abdulhadi Khalaf.

Sweden, sold a radar system and anti-tank weapons to saudi Arabia but it is unclear whether the weapons used in the conflict in Yemen. In the week revealed the Swedish newspaper svenska dagbladet that a new gun shop with a radar system is in the works with koalitionspartnern the united arab Emirates also involved in the fighting in Yemen.

today ended a three-day ceasefire in Yemen. Abdulhadi Khalaf hope that prime minister Stefan Löfven to take the opportunity to contribute to the extension of the ceasefire.

– If the Leaves can comment on this and also invite the Saudis and the Jemeniterna on peace talks so it will charge anything that can excuse the bad taste that we have now, ” he says.


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