Monday, October 31, 2016

Problems with unreported income from Uber and Airbnb – the Swedish Radio

this beats the Swedish Tax agency in its final report on the so-called delningsekonomin that came in today.

– the Problem is that we get new business models based on that it is individuals who do business between each other, and we may find it difficult to get into beskattningsinformation and control. It can also be difficult for them to know how they will be taxed, ” says Rebecca Filis on the Swedish Tax agency, which is responsible for the report.

delningsekonomi meant different ways to share, rent, borrow and exchange things instead of owning them. Examples are taxi services that Uber and people who rent their homes, for example through Airbnb.

As the Echo reported earlier has Tax upptaxerat several people who rented out their homes via Airbnb, because they have declared incorrect income and the checks made so far shows that it is common with the unrecognised revenue in the delningsekonomin.

” It probably depends a lot on ignorance simply. That you do not know if this is going to be taxed or how it will be taxed. But it could also be that you think that “it is difficult for the Tax agency to detect, so as a consequence, I do not the income,” says Rebecca Filis.

the Tax agency draws conclusion to the rules that exist today are sufficient, but that a large part of the accountability rests with the individuals.

One way to overcome this would, according to the report, that companies like Uber and Airbnb report their users ‘ income directly to the Tax.

– It is they who most often handles the payments. It is those who are on the task if which are the providers and how much payments going to them. So it is really just a way to get information from those who have it, says Rebecca Filis.

At present it is difficult to say about delningsekonomins emergence has increased or decreased tax revenues overall. But it is clear that the sector is growing and that the impact is expected to be big in the future – but not here, it is possible to say if the revenue will increase or decrease.

” No, we know too little today. We have too little data to be able to make a full assessment. It is estimates, assessments and assumptions based on what we know today, ” says Rebecca Filis.


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