Monday, October 24, 2016

After giftlarmet – more flatbread withdrawn – the Express newspaper

Earlier in the week, the senior class out with a warning about a batch of flour contained a dangerous mould toxins.

One of the livsmedeltillverkarna who had been using the flour was the Estrella, which on Friday recalled a batch jordnötsringar.

Now extends Fazer its withdrawal with further 8208 packaging korntunnbröd because of mögelgiftet.

Kornmjölet that have been used in the flatbread at the sampling revealed elevated levels of Ochratoxin A and, therefore, revoked the bread of the Fazer as a precaution. The recall now relates 8208 packaging, as well as the already advertised 333 packaging.

Lantmännen Cerealia, which is the provider of the kornmjölet, do not have any figures on how large the party is.

” What we do now is that we are withdrawing the products from our customers. We hope that most of it has stayed with wholesalers, ” says Tora Zeijlon, head of communications at Lantmännen Cerealia.

Several bakeries withdraws

parts of their recall regarding barley flour, four grains lantbrödsmjöl, and pitepalt. The flour has gone out to almost ten bakeries, but only three have managed to use the flour: Fazer, Estrella and polar bread.

” We know what we have sold and we are in contact with all. They’ve had time to use the flour has made the withdrawals, ” says Tora Zeijlon.

Estrella has had time to use the flour in their jordnötsringar.

Estrella got under on Friday, withdrawing a batch of jordnötsringar containing kornmjölet from Lantmännen. Also polar bread has been forced to withdraw Polarknäcke Original.

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No health hazard for normal consumption

The levels that have been identified are not associated with health hazard for normal consumption, but the products withdrawn as a precaution.

– It can be harmful to consume high amounts over a long period, but a single time has no influence. There is no reason to worry, ” says Tora Zeijlon.

Ochratoxin A occurs in the storage of various foods, such as cereals, coffee, wine, raisins, or spices.

“We are investigating where in the chain that mögelgiftet may have occurred,” says Zeijlon.

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