Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The history of Nairobi – one of the Nordic region’s rst online broker – Dagens Industri

On Tuesday, it was clear that: nordnet’s principal owner Öhmangruppen in cooperation with the private equity firm Nordic Capital to put a bid on the company. Thus is nätmäklaren on the road away from the stock market after almost 17 years.

1996 which Nordnet was founded as a subsidiary company within the Öhmangruppen. The company was one of the first nätmäklarna in the Nordic countries and in 1999 they put up the gates to Nordnet Luxembourg, and made an entrance on the stockholm stock exchange in december of the same year.

The international expansion continued at a brisk pace and in the first half of 2001, established itself in Norway and Denmark. Towards the end of the year, Nordnet has also merged with the Swedish nätmäklaren Teletrade and 2002 allocated to the company, its banking licence.

Nordnet continued to grow both organically and through acquisitions. In 2004, it acquired the Norwegian nätmäklaren Stocknet and the following year broke it in on both the German and Finnish market. 2009 strengthened also its grip on the Finnish market through the acquisition of eQ Bank, the country’s largest online broker, from the crisis-stricken icelandic investment company Straumur Burdaras.

2010, Nordnet to add on the strategy and focus on the Nordic region and sold thus by the operations in Germany and Luxembourg. In recent years, the company has made a turn towards the so-called fintech-direction through the acquisition of social investeringsnätverket Shareville 2013 and the launch of the Nordnet Ventures, which makes investments in fintech in 2016.

Now see the company’s sojourn on the stockholm stock exchange, however, appear to be at an end. On Tuesday morning announced Öhmangruppen and Nordic Capital that they put a bid on Nordnet on the 37 per share. Compared to Monday’s closing price, this represents a premium of 25%.

founder of and principal shareholder in Nordnet, we feel a great responsibility: nordnet’s development and market position, particularly as the competition increased. We believe that substantial investment is required in order to secure the company’s long-term competitiveness. We know, however, that the investments that will be required – because of its kind and extent – is best done in the unlisted environment,” comments Tom Dinkelspiel, chairman of the board of E. Öhman J:or AB, the bid in a press release.

Öhmangruppen have a combined ownership of approximately 62.7 percent of the shares in Nordnet while Nordic Capital owns about 4.8 percent of the shares in the company.


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