Sunday, October 30, 2016

Smörbrist for christmas – ATL – Farm business magazine

Both Arla and norrmejerier is turning warns that the butter will run out – but Skånemejerier bers.

There can be a shortage of Swedish butter during the late autumn and winter.

Already, two weeks ago told ATL that norrmejerier is turning close to the production of butter and that the shortage will be during the holidays and a bit into the new year.

– It is always sad when it occurs but, nevertheless naturally when the availability of milk and cream vary with the seasons, ” says Mariann Holmberg, head of communications at norrmejerier is turning.

It will be the second christmas in a row that norrmejerier is turning suffer smörbrist. Last year, the dairy is also out, and regretted smörbristen.

the Reason is the same: lack of access to raw milk. Their products contain 100 per cent northern raw milk, and right now it is sufficient not to in order to cope with customer demand.

"the Situation is strained,"

Now is also the Arla out and warns smörbrist.

“It will likely be a shortage of butter during the fall and winter, even for Arla’s part,” says Daniel Emilson, press officer at Arla Foods.

– the Situation is strained, and we expect that the same situation occurs as it is done continuously in recent years, that is to say that it will be smörbrist.

as late as in march of this year, affected by the Arla butter shortage when the organic butter was gone.

Daniel Emilson explains that smörbristen mainly depends on three factors:

  • A trend that consumers eat more foods that have a higher fat content of the law.
  • consumers To eat more food with a higher fat content during autumn, winter and the coming holidays.
  • it required the milk of a certain amount of fat to produce butter, and the cows milk the different parts of the year depending on, among other things, on the feed.

No shortage of Skåne

At Skånemejerier, they have not noticed of any risk of smörbrist.

As it now looks, there will not be any shortage of fat and the butter will be enough during the fall and winter, ” says Anna Forslid, råvaruchef at Skånemejerier.

What do you think it may be because you do not suffer the smörbrist similar to your competitors?

– It is very hard for me to say, so I do not want to speculate. But we are in the balance and will be able to continue to produce.

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