Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Swedbank’s site attacked – down again – financial times

the bank’s website has been under full attack on Tuesday afternoon and the site has been down in installments.

currently there is no forecast for when it might be over.

– It goes a little up and down if you express yourself that way, ” says the bank’s press officer Claes Warrén.

instead of the usual home page of swedbank.see meet the customers of an error message. The first time it happened was just before the clock 14. Then it happened again shortly after at 16, and then the low side down for almost two hours before it came up again.

– We become vulnerable to denial of service attacks and it has been a bit si and so, even where in between, ” says Claes Warrén, press officer at Swedbank.

– If there is one or several attacks dare I not comment on, but it has been continuously more or less since, at 13.30 pm. SEE ALSO PLUS Threat: Russian robot is able to hijack the internet

Set up the extra resources

Customers will still access a working online banking if you go through a direct link (see here). The bank has put in extra resources to solve problems in the form of software, hardware and personnel.

“I dare not come up with any prediction, but we hope that it is resolved as soon as possible,” says Claes Warrén.

Who is behind the attacks is unknown. Swedbank shall not have received any specific threats or messages. Last year, Swedish banks suffered överlastningsattacker on several occasions.

” Our countermeasures are getting better and better, but they are out there getting better also. Now it was a long time since we had any really prolonged attack, ” says Warrén.

MSB see no other interference

in addition, Nordea’s site worked a little worse at lunchtime on Tuesday.

“It is true that the system was a bit slow here for a while, but everything works now,” says the bank’s press officer Petter Larsson, which, however, do not see any links to what happened in Swedbank:

” I don’t think there is any connection.

the Authority for civil contingencies agency (MSB) has only listed the attacks of Swedbank. In general, there should not be any indications of major disruptions.


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