Monday, October 24, 2016

The stockholm stock exchange: Schörling, companies and Telia lowered – Today’s Industry

the stockholm stock exchange opened on Monday to cheer tones, but ended in a minor key. Among the big went, the investment company Melker Schörling AB is in the forefront of the downturn after the chairman and owner of Melker Schörling announced his intention to resign their directorships in the spring.

Monday offered a swinging start on the week’s trading, where the stockholm stock exchange after an initial rise became more and more acidic the longer the day went on. The broad OMXSPI index closed at minus 0.4 per cent, while the OMXS30 index dropped 0.6 per cent.

Melker Schörling announced on Monday morning that he will leave his directorships at the spring meetings of the health reasons. MSAB backs with 4.4 per cent on the news, and the measurement technology company Hexagon dropped 1.5 per cent, fettillverkaren AAK fell 0.9 per cent, while Taiwan rose 0.7 per cent.

“because I have for some time suffered from a gradual deterioration in health I will leave my board at the spring meetings in 2017", says Melker Schörling, in a press release.

Other kursförlorare was among the another Telia traded excluding right to dividend. According to some research would share down 3.8% on the dividend but finish at minus 5.7 percent after that as well, Swedbank OP Equities lowered the recommendation for the share. According to Swedbank’s analysts is the uncertainty surrounding the company’s dividend capacity in the future.

Pappersbolaget Billerud Korsnäs dropped 2.7 per cent while the real estate company Klövern fell 2.2 percent.

Against the tide went kontanthanteringsbolaget Loomis, which rose 2.6 per cent, biometribolaget Fingerprint Cards, which rose 2.7 per cent and the real estate company Atrium Ljungberg, which rose 3.3 per cent.

Pharmaceutical company Oasmia buy a cancer project of Karo Pharma and pay with a 3 million fresh shares worth sek 25 million. At the same time, it is clear that Karo Pharmas major shareholder and chairman of the board Anders Lönner is proposed to take over the presidency even in Oasmia. The share price rose by 14.6 per cent.

On rapportfronten delivered verkstadskoncernen Sandvik, a report for the third quarter of 2016, which were generally better than analysts ‘ expectations. Most the share was up 4.2 per cent immediately after the report only to fall back and close at minus 0.4 per cent.

Fönsterbolaget Inwido delivered, in turn, a report for the third quarter is not reached up to analysts ‘ expectations, according to SME direkt. Share the slopes with 6.2 percent.

the Life science company Medcap delivered on Monday morning as a profit warning for the second quarter in the company’s broken fiscal year. The company estimates that the result before taxes and depreciation will land at 5-7 M, which can be compared to 18.3 Million during the same period of the previous year. The market appreciated not at all the news and lowered the share of 13.2 percent.

“It is to be regarded as a hack in the curve and no structural suffered by the company,” says Karl Tobieson, ceo of Medcap, to the News agency Directly.


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