Tuesday, October 25, 2016

VW, leading to the cars of the soaring 131 billion – Svenska Dagbladet

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A us federal court has now approved the settlement. The presentation, which was presented in June, means that car owners can get between 5 100 and 10 000 us dollars in compensation in addition to the get the car fixed, or alternatively, repurchased, writes Bloomberg.

the Settlement has been negotiated between the car customers, u.s. environmental protection agency (EPA) and the Federal Trade Commission, which is the american equivalent to the national Consumer agency.

Volkswagen has earmarked eur 19.5 billion us dollars, € 17.9 billion, to cover the costs of utsläppsfusket. When the federal court in San Francisco has now been approved by the civil settlement corresponds to about 16.6 billion dollars. In there are also fines for violating consumer laws. Pursuant to the settlement, 85 per cent of the cars to be withdrawn June 30, 2019 or else risk the Volkswagen to get to pay a fine also for the delay.

According to Bloomberg, is the settlement, among the largest in the paid by a company. After it is finished so is the majority of the civil claims completed. However, there is still demand for compensation from the investor and Volkswagen at risk of having to pay for environmental infringements represented in more cases.

Utsläppsskandalen as briserade in september last year, when Volkswagen admitted that secret software installed on the vehicles at the utsläppstester would appear to be more environmentally friendly than they were, has been the company heavily into the cargo, and the company’s ceo was forced to resign. The current cars are released up to 40 times more exhaust gases than the permitted levels.

the buybacks will begin in mid-november. Repurchase relating to the U.S. only and has never been in the news in Europe, according to the head of corporate communications Marcus Thomasfolk at Volkswagen in Sweden.

– In Europe, there are, of course, a solution to adjust the values in a technical way, that is in time and approved previously, ” he says to TT.


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