Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fingerprints the new president, about the fans: ”Must be adults” – Svenska Dagbladet

Christian Fredrikson, Fingerprints president. Photo: Lars Dareberg

Fingerprint Cards not just the stock market’s most actively traded company – it is also one of the most debated. After several revelations of leaks and insider dealing during the summer and autumn, has been reporting on the later time also centred on how the company’s owner behaves towards the media, which reports about the business.

Among other things, there have been reports on Twitter ran with the threats and the mockery of both the journalists and staff at the serious fraud office. The company’s new ceo Christian Fredrikson is beaten by the commitment around the company he took over in the summer.

” It is astonishing how strongly individuals feel around us. Then, it is not only positive with that passion, of course, ” he says.

We have free media in this country and that is exactly how I want it.

What do you think about the data around threats and the like on social media?

– All must be adult men and women and stand for their own writing and saying. At the same time, I strongly believe in freedom of expression. But threats and harassment on the internet is something else and I will, of course, the distance from.

You have been reviewed hard by the media. Do you feel unfairly treated?

” No, I don’t think so. We have free media in this country and that is exactly how I want it. So it is only for the media to sound the horn and run, I would not have otherwise.

today, however, the owners likely other things to consider than the reviews from the media. When the Fingerprint on Thursday morning unveiled its report, the market reacted, admittedly with disappointment. At 11-the time the share was down 5.5 percent.

the Company missed expectations both in terms of revenue and operating income for the third quarter of 2016. The explanation, according to Fredrikson, is available to download in China.

” We have a very tough competition between chinese mobile provider right now, where several of them have built up layers to increase their shares. The extreme development, not all will be able to reach their sales goals, ” he says.

So it is not a sign that you do not are you into competition?

” No, it has nothing to do with it, it depends on a few customers, lowered its forecasts.

the Battle against the sale during the third quarter of the year now the company is forced to lower its forecast for the full year – or in all cases, cut the upper range of the previous forecast of 7 200 – 8 300 million. Predicted sales of land on 7 200 – 7 500 million.

Christian Fredrikson allows himself not to be discouraged by the setback, but predict a continued strong development for the company – particularly in the smartphonesegmentet, but also on the PC market.

– From the first quarter of next year we will aggressively increase investment in the PC market. We will provide you with several launches in the PC segment next year, ” he says.

at the same time, consumers ‘ growing habit of fingeravtryckssensorer for new markets. Not least the "smart card", that Christian Fredrikson believe will be a mass market by 2018.

– the Cards are nothing at the present time, it has not even started. But we are seeing very strong interest in this now and we have a very strong position there.

It is my dream job, 20 000 volts in the body and never a dull day.

If you are looking 10 years ahead, how does the Fingerprint?

– We want to be a great leader in the world in the biometrik and have been with and changed the world around how the man connected up. And I really hope that we at the team have come completely away from the pin codes and passwords. I hate that sort of thing.

Finally, you have been the ceo of Fingerprint in less than three months. How is it?

” It is my dream job, 20 000 volts in the body and never a dull day. I would not want to be anywhere else than right here.

Fingerprints report in digits

Revenues increased with 93 percent from last year’s third quarter to sek 1 862 million, against the expected 1 944 million and last year 9 of 64 million.

Operating landed on the 767 million to 346 million last year. Expected was 778 million.

operating Margin came in better than expected, 41% against the expected 40 per cent (36 per cent in Q3 2015). Gross margin was 49 per cent (45 per cent Q3 2015).

Earnings per share increased to 1.91 krona (sek 1.12 sek Q3 2015) and the cash flow from operating activities amounted to eur 134.5 million (sek 298 million Q3 2015).


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