Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SAS strike called off – Västerbotten Courier

The state, which with its more than 21 percent of the shares SAS’s single largest owner, has repeatedly stepped in and shot to billions in tax money to rescue the SAS. In previous crises, the pilots received wage cut.

Seven years ago landed a full-year loss for the company of three billion and 650 services were removed. SAS was able to borrow 3.5 billion until 2015. Along with Norway and Denmark, the Swedish state has since 2011 tried to sell SAS without success. In 2012 the company ended up once again in crisis. At worst, there was money ten days left in the checkout. Now came SAS with a crisis plan that meant a pay cut of 15 percent and that over 1 000 people disappeared.

In order to renew its bank loans SAS conducted an austerity package as workers meant lower wages, revised rules for vacation, raising the retirement age and extended working hours. The base salary for employees was reduced generally 12 percent. For the pilots lowered wages over 8 per cent, just over a month’s salary per year. The state helped the company with an additional SEK 4.7 billion and the employees received no wage increases in 2013 and 2014. For a couple of years ago, SAS was again close to bankruptcy, saying the 70 percent of IT staff.


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