Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Therefore, the SAS and pilot union agree – Expressen

Super Salaries

Above all older SAS pilots receive monthly sums many Swedes can only dream of.

– It’s a staff that generally have high salaries, recognizing the flight captain Peter Larsson.

the final salary, 92,000 a month, with extra service reach 110,000 crowns.

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the pilot union is demanding a general supplement of 3.5 percent. It is well above the so-called brand – the heaviest industrial agreements give this year 2.2 percent.

What upsets many is that older pilots require 3.5 percent.

it defends itself, however, the union with the group for ten years remained almost stationary, and even agreed to a pay cut in 2012 when SAS was threatened by bankruptcy. Swedish Pilots’ Association claims that its best-paid members “lost” 20 percent against if they had to follow the mark in previous years.

The same pay scale for new and old

SAS has two pay scales, one for the elderly and one for newly hired pilots. The starting salary for “B team” is 28 800, then you also undergone training in the millions that are only partially going to get CSN loans.

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the parties have almost reached an agreement for the fresher pilots, giving them a premium of 4 000‧ 11, 000, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

the pilot union is also careful to point out that salaries make up only 6 percent of SAS’s total costs.

Business class tickets

the pilots who operate from a place of work to another must sit Business class upsets many. But, says the pilot compartment, the rule was actually introduced by the employer, who wanted to ensure that SAS personnel are properly rested when it comes to a shifts.

Additional funding for shoes and glasses

details about how SAS pilots require extra money for sunglasses and shoes can provoke. But, argues the union, it’s normal protective equipment in any other specialist professional any time.

Detailed contract

The pilots ‘malfunctioning’ also require that the last year’s simplified agreement is being expanded. Among other things, SPF requires that temporary agency staffing companies should be covered by the agreement. The background to the pilots requirement they believe that SAS abused the simple agreement to round tray, which has led to a greatly increased number of contract disputes.


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