Thursday, June 16, 2016

ESV Limited room for reform in 2017 – Västerbotten Courier

There will be a surplus in public finances this year, with a financial savings of three billion kronor in accordance with National Financial Management Authority (ESV). But next year there will be deficits with limited scope for reform.

GDP growth expected to reach 3.4 percent this year, the ESV writes in a press release. Leverage comes from strong domestic demand and a sharp increase in public consumption as a result of migration.

Next year, growth is expected to slow to 2 percent, but labor demand is high, which is expected to push down unemployment to 6, 4 percent.

net lending in 2017 will be negative, -16 billion.

in 2018 the ESV anticipates that growth will continue to slow to 1.6 percent, while net lending again is positive.

the so-called ceiling cleared every year, but surplus target will not be achieved during the forecast period, according to the ESV.

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