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Would married in Santorini – became stranded at the airport – Aftonbladet

Peter and Ida had everything planned before her dream wedding in Santorini.

Then they were and 42 of the guests stranded at the airport of the pilot strike.

– we got a shock and thought that we would need to have a nödbröllop in a gymnasium instead, says Peter.

in two years, Peter Lindstrom, 30, and Ida Lundquist, 30 years old, from Sundsvall planned their dream wedding. After that Peter proposed to Ida on a cliff on the Greek island of Santorini there was no doubt about where the wedding would take place.

“Felt terrible ‘

Already last year traveled couple down to the island again to book both church and restaurant. For the ceremony on Tuesday also had some 50 guests were invited. 42 of them were going on the same flight from London to Ida, and Peter on Saturday.

But early in the morning, the couple informed that their flight canceled due to pilot strike and also accommodation in Santorini was canceled, which SVT was the first to tell you.

– It came as a shock and felt absolutely terrible. For a while we thought we would need to have a nödbröllop in a gymnasium in Nacka instead, says Peter.

20 hour trip

But after several trips the couple received in the last second while on a flight to Turkey. When Aftonbladet reach them on the phone on Saturday evening, they landed in Istanbul and skiing both bus and taxi for several hours to another Turkish airport. Then the couple should take another flight to Athens to hopefully be able to go on to Santorini.

– It was supposed to be a direct flight of 3-4 hours will now be a 20 hours long journey, says a tired but hopeful Peter Aftonbladet.

Although the couple are delighted to be halfway so they are concerned about what will happen to all the guests. Many have been forced to cancel and can not go. READ ALSO PLUS Flights Top? As you increase the chance of compensation

All guests can not attend

– This trip is not just about me and Ida, but the big challenge is to get down our 50 guests guests. The idea was that we would get a lovely holiday in the sun and a beautiful wedding with family and friends but I will probably not now.

Although the realization feels heavy so Peter explains that he is still impressed by how many who managed to solve the transport.

– When we were told that the flight was canceled were four cars that drove directly to Oslo and other guests have even taken to Warsaw and Vienna to fly from there. It has cost them a lot of money and lost air tickets but everyone really do their best to be with, says Peter.

Do not doubted one second

From a total of 50 guests appreciate Peter to around 30-35 guests will still be able to attend the ceremony on Tuesday.

– It feels heavy that they can not be there but hopefully we will get a nice and remembers host ceremony anyway.

Despite the adverse circumstances and harsh trials, Peter and Ida not doubted for a second to conduct the wedding.

– We are extremely excited. They tell you that you may get lucky if it rains on one’s wedding day so with this in your luggage, we need to get a fucking tour, said Peter, laughing.

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