Sunday, June 12, 2016

Flights chaos grows – Air France set up the flights from Sweden – Swedish Dagbladet

Photo: Christophe Ena / TT

EM festival in France coincides with the continued strikes against including the reform of French labor law. Today Saturday, expect Air France to every four flights between distance, thus mainly from other European countries and the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, will be set.

Among others stopped Saturday evening flights with Air France from London to Paris and even an afternoon flight from Copenhagen is on Saturday.

on his site writes Air France to anyone who wants to avoid interference, to postpone his flight without charge until after 14 June, when the pilot strike will have ceased.

Long-distance and domestic flights are also affected but to a lesser extent.

It is now 25 percent of the Air France pilots over four days, with starting today, put the work in protest, including against the Dutch part of the giant air – KLM which are not affected by the strike – is deemed to have been given too much of the air traffic. In addition, you strike for better pay conditions.

EM travelers to move within France by train will also suffer. This weekend is half of intercity trains and regional trains canceled, while 90 percent of TGV express trains will go. According to the railway company SNCF tries to prioritize long-distance trains to the weekend’s match cities.

Even Paris fast pendulum RER affected lines B and D when two of three train set. But the most militant union CGT protesting against the government’s bill to loosen French labor law, says he does not want to block supporters on the way to the matches. According to the CGT should RER B and D have to roll the shuttle to and from the Stade de France three hours before and three hours after the match. RER A is said to walk normally on Saturday.

The wide discontent area which happens to coincide with the country that will host this summer’s festival of football, felt not only in the transport sector. For example, it now strike even in the state Weather Service meteo-France. Another example is that the Parisians for the European Championships has been plagued by a sopstrejk, but according to the mayor should trash be collected this weekend.

As usual, France show two completely different sides at the same time. In some regions are strikes in with regard to the European Championship, in others they break out. For example, 70 percent of bus and tram drivers in Bordeaux on strike on Saturday smtidigt the match Slovakia-Wales.

The social tensions in France should nevertheless not be exaggerated. Acceptance of strikes is relatively large, with roots that go back to the genesis of the Republic through revolution.


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