Monday, June 13, 2016

Police get new salaries – Västerbotten Courier

Economy. After protracted negotiations, the country’s police received a new wage agreement. The agreement is worth approximately 2.9 percent in wage increases on an annual basis, but applies only to fall.

Police Authority and Police Union has since negotiations stalled last fall are now agreed on a new wage agreement for the country’s approximately 19,000 police officers. The agreement should therefore apply retroactively as from 1 October 2015.

According to the national police chief Dan Eliasson provides wage agreement barely 2.9 percent of the wage increase on an annual basis. But it is an average, police officers have individual salaries.

– Many of the younger ones have for low wages in the day, he said.

Many defects

today, a rookie police ingånglön an average of 25 000 kronor. One who has worked for six years, an average of 28,000, which means that there has been “substantial reinforcements” in recent years, according to Dan Eliasson.

Police Unions have pointed out that many police jumps of the profession as a result of the low wages.

– we have taken a first step toward the upgrading of police work, we have reached so far we succeeded, says Lena Nitz, chairman of police Association.

– But if we are to prevent police shortage and get more people to invest in the profession, then we need to get a raise. Therefore, the government and parliament inject more money into the autumn bargaining, she said.

Under the new contract will pay for at least nine out of ten newly graduated police officers, be at least 25 000 and for the police officers who worked more than six years in the profession should average salary now be over 28 100.

do not give any guarantees

Lena Nitz is pleased with the agreement to make it easier for police to get a higher salary without for it would have to be the boss, but less satisfied with the fact that not all members will receive a salary increase.

the second part of the wage agreement is aimed at “forward-looking projections that seeks to create long-term perspective and endurance in the police provision of skills, “writes the Police Authority.

Eliasson hope including the rationalization and relatively” expensive “police officers’ retirements will provide some salary space ahead, but no guarantees he dare not give.

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