Tuesday, June 14, 2016

More and more people go to work sick – Västerbotten Courier

Economy. Seven out of ten Swedes work though they are sick, and everything more work sick several times a year.


So large proportion has been working in disease.

According to a new report from Work Environment Authority presented today, writes Dagens Nyheter.

the sickness presence is particularly high among women aged 30-49 years. Among them worked nearly eight out of ten at least once last year, despite the fact that they were so ill that they should have taken sick leave. Six out of ten did it twice or more often.

– It is alarming that so many feel compelled to work, even if they are sick or leave, says the Swedish Work Environment Director General Erna Zelmin-Ekenhem DN.

Especially often work managers in small and medium-sized enterprises and government agencies who are sick, as well as persons employed in preschool, recreation and primary school teachers, according to the report. For managers, it is many times that in this case we are working from home sick bed.

While experiencing four of the ten demands from the boss to be reachable at their leisure. Every third feels compelled to pull in at lunch and work at least once per week. This includes teachers, managers and professionals.

The survey also shows that one in two feel they have excessive workloads. That feeling has increased steadily among all reported groups.

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