Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tesla dismisses exchange sensitive feather-rumors – Dagens Industri

In a blog post dismisses Tesla reports that the US traffic safety authority NHTSA should have requested additional information from the company, after suspicions of problems with the suspension of the Model S. Tesla’s information had to share to back on Thursday.

Tesla says that there are any deficiencies concerning vehicle safety and to the US traffic safety authority NHTSA has not even begun a preliminary investigation into the matter. Earlier commented company spokesman Bryan Johnson that neither has discouraged its customers from reporting the security error to NHTSA.

The company took a beating on the stock exchange on Thursday of the data. Shares fell 2.6 percent, the biggest daily fall in nearly a month.

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Analyst Michelle Krebs on, commented the whole thing with “welcome to the automotive world,” adding that Tesla can expect that things like this will show up as the company begins to sell more and more cars and expand.

Worth mentioning in this context is that one of the people behind the rumors are Edward Nedermayer, the same person who on his own blog back in 2008 wrote an article about Tesla’s downfall.

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