Monday, June 13, 2016

Ratos’s Chairman: No quick fix – Business World

     Jonas Wiström and Susanna Campbell. Photo: Ratos

The board of the investment company Ratos has decided to replace the current CEO Susanna Campbell. “Susanna has initiated several good things but we need to accelerate,” said Chairman Jonas Wiström to the business world.

In April 2012, took Susanna Campbell as CEO of Ratos. Today, Monday, the company announced that she will resign.

– The reason is that we have underperformed in terms of earnings for a period, and it is in a competitive situation where it becomes tougher. Susanna has initiated several good things but we need to accelerate. We are facing a new beginning and that is why we have initiated this change.

Is it only Susanna Campbell’s fault that the company has underperformed?
– “True” has done a lot of good things for the company but we have been a little longer underperformed in terms of results. If you want to make a fresh start and get closer to its portfolio companies and accelerate this, then it is time to get a new power with more operational experience to deliver high shareholder value.

Will there be more changes in the the company going forward?
– There will be no changes in the current situation. Sanna is left to the holiday as an acting president in the form of Lars Johansson starts. He will sit there until we have found a permanent CEO. This may of course make the changes, but I do not want to speculate. We are in the current situation is not any further changes, we do not.

What is it that has made you a another view of the CEO question than your predecessor Arne Karlsson?
– So, Arne speak for themselves and I for me. I do not know how far we have different opinions in the day or not. I think that Sanna was absolutely right as president when she added. Today, we need to have a different effect.

How do you see the future of Ratos?
– It is clear that there is no guick fix to get growth and cash flow to soar, but Ratos is a very solid platform. I have great confidence in the future of Ratos, otherwise I would have never taken this mission.


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