Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Pilot strike continues tomorrow – 25 500 victims – Aftonbladet

The pilot strike continues. Additional 240 SAS flights are set on Tuesday. 25,500 passengers affected. Now also tells SPF SAS declined offers to charterfligheter would exempt the strike.

– We offered SAS to provide an exemption on two occasions against their joined at one of our demands, but they declined, saying Willhelm Tersmeden, vice chairman of the SPF SAS section.

the pilot strike continues and a further 240 SAS flights are set on Tuesday. The SAS writes in a press release. 25,500 passengers expected to be affected.

The strike began on Friday evening and has hit the 10,000-century travelers. Although charter flights are affected, which is unusual since they are usually excluded from the union’s industrial action.

– We have chosen to set these flights in the morning because we do not know how long the strike continues. We want to give passengers time to find an alternative route, says Fredrik Henriksson, press officer at SAS.

You’ve been criticized for your travelers have found it difficult to get information and help. Is it because of this decision on it?

– The reason why we took so long to go out with information yesterday was that we were convinced that we would come to an agreement. Today we have struck a different balance.

Fredrik Henriksson points out that now filled all their seats in their customer center staff and put in all the extra resources they have available. READ ALSO The strike continues: 27,000 suffer

The communication from the union also has been bad, but now gives Willhelm Tersmeden, vice chairman of the SPF SAS section, his view of the conflict. He says they have a low wage levels relative to comparable companies in Europe. So far SPF declined two of the mediator’s bid.

– We want the 3.5 percent pay rise but the mediator is going to the mark which is at 2.2 percent and it is too little for us. Since 2009 we have lost 20 percent against the mark. Our pensions have deteriorated and our new agreement with SAS means we never know for sure when we are free. It is an irregularity that one can not live with.

Why strike you right now?

– It was not planned to happen any particular time, but we have negotiated with the employer for seven weeks and now we came to a point where we had to strike.

Why not charter exempted from the strike?

– We offered SAS to provide an exemption on two occasions against their joined at one of our demands, but they declined. We at the SPF has also requested that other international companies set up extra capacity to help SAS passengers, which is unusual.

There are reports that one of your requirements is to fly in first class when you are not working. Is it true?

– We have requested to receive the same benefits as other employees. All SAS employees except the flight personnel, except for aviators, flying first class. We at the SPF has previously opposed to any staff, including managers should fly first class at all. It is distasteful and a low point of the Swedish business community to make use of that requirement in this way.

When can we expect that negotiations can resume?

– We can resume them at any time. We are at SAS disposal and are ready to discuss 24 hours a day, says Willhelm Tersmeden.

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