Thursday, June 16, 2016

Magdalena Andersson: “We are austere” – Dagens Industri

A stronger Exchequer in the boom groove glosses over the government’s inability to tighten the “runaway costs”, believes the Conservatives. Finance Minister dismisses criticism.

“We have brought a very tight policy since we took office. We will continue to take continued responsibility for public finances, “she says.

Tax revenue streams to the Treasury. Both the Swedish National Debt Office and the National Financial Management Authority, ESV, make new sharp upward adjustments of the state’s surplus, in the wake of the strong economy.

But Finance Minister emphasizes that they are continued hard in the wallet, anyway the next year.

“If you have temporary revenues when it is going very well, then you should not use them for long-term spending increases. However, if there is more space in the long term so we obviously take that into account. “

According to the ESV’s upward revision forecast estimated the state’s budget surplus to rise to 19 billion this year, but then slow down to a small deficit in 2017. for the period 2018-2020 is expected to new and growing surplus.

2017 scope for reform is already almost fully booked with mainly 10 billion in increased government grants to municipalities, emphasizes Magdalena Andersson.

How will the government find room for reform to achieve the EU’s lowest unemployment rate in 2020?
“It’s not about using irresponsible stimulus to bring down unemployment. It’s about structurally appropriate measures, such as investment in education. “

Does the image of growing surplus in the opening Magdalena Andersson she for new opportunities in the longer term.

“I will be able to present its own forecasts in connection with the autumn budget. Then we will be able to see which space is available in the years to come. But we will always adopt a policy of taking responsibility for the public finances. “


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