Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ericsson is being investigated in the US – Dagens Industri

The oror Carissa Lundberg Markow, head of corporate governance at Folksam. Insurance giant currently has an entry in the host Ericsson 1.7 billion.

“One would like to see this close. That has not happened and that I think is a bit worrying, “she says.

According to SvD be issues including touching Ericsson’s Chinese operations, which the company has not confirmed.

“What we can say is that it is anti-corruption, as well as issues related to the Foreign corruption Practices Act,” writes Ericsson.

Already in may 2013 reported Di that the SEC was investigating whether Ericsson had paid bribes in connection with a contract in Romania.

While it’s was taken in March three years ago and was described as as a dialogue “voluntarily”. Ericsson’s own investigation then revealed that no bribes paid.

“When it’s all questions about corruption it is little critical which countries it concerns, some are more difficult than other “, says Carina Lundberg Markow.

” We will to follow this extra careful now because it has a rather dim past, such as happened in the 1980s and 1990s . “

Folksam as second large shareholder, such as Nordea Funds have been in contact with Ericsson. The impression is that Ericsson themselves do not perceive the current process as a legal investigation.

“What I have said is that we should be able to communicate more about this in a way that does not jeopardize relations with US authorities, “said Carina Lundberg Markow.

” We know , not what kind of thing they are doing, whether it is other companies involved or how it looks at all. “

Hans Ek, owner-manager SEB funds with holdings worth 2.9 billion of Ericsson, do not think that more information is necessary in the current situation and describes the dialogue with Ericsson as well .

“We think they have been open to what it concerns the issue and what level it is at,” he says. “But we will continue to monitor the issue.”

Industrivärden, which is , the second largest owner of Ericsson in terms of votes, does not comment on the issue.

“we are an active owners and we affect the Nomination Committee and the board, and in those cases we have thoughts or comments so we present them in the company bodies,” says communications manager Sverker Sivall.


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