Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Brexit gives hope svexit – Swedish Dagbladet

it is even in the British public opinion to the British referendum on EU membership. Stock Photography. Photo: Virginia Mayo

Jan-Erik Gustafsson, Chairman No to EU movement, has been strengthened in their faith in svexit. Campaign meetings for a British EU exit the referendum on June 23 has inspired.

The next step is to get to a Swedish referendum.

– It is obvious that we will have much more air under wings if it becomes a brexit, he said.

But he has a long uphill battle ahead of him. In the freshest measurements from Statistics Sweden says 49 percent of the electorate that they are in favor of EU membership. Just under 24 see themselves as opponents of the EU.

Among political scientists singled Sweden and Denmark as the two countries closest to the United Kingdom in terms of attitudes towards the EU, according to Anders Sannerstedt, Associate Professor of Political Science at Lund University. Though he looks in the current situation nothing to suggest that Sweden would go toward an exit.

– It’s only V and SD as pushing the issue, even if they, he says.

a British EU exit would be able to get the Swedes to change, shows a survey carried out by TNS Sifo for SVT News in April. The survey said 36 percent of respondents said they would be opponents of the EU if the British leave the Union. That compares with 32 percent who want Sweden to remain in the EU, although it gets brexit.

Another measurement made by the US think tank Pew also shows that almost nine out of ten Swedes, 89 percent, sees a British withdrawal as something that would damage the EU. That compares with about 60 percent in countries like France and Italy.

– It is not really surprising as Sweden and the UK quite often have adopted relatively similar positions on various issues, says Linda Berg, director of the Center for European Studies University of Gothenburg.

She also believes to cultural and professional contacts with London and the UK are also important factors.

Political scientist Göran von Sydow, deputy director of the Swedish Institute for European policy studies (Sieps), believe that the British referendum will shake up public opinion in Sweden regardless if it becomes brexit or not.

– the EU will change this, but also for other reasons over the next years, he said.

Svexit-issue think he can become hot to really know if the element of supranationality in the EU and the euro increases, combined with the requirement that countries like Sweden hanging on.

– In light of such development must ask themselves the fundamental question: What do Sweden with its EU membership?


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