Thursday, November 3, 2016

Young man shot to death in Malmö, sweden – Göteborgs-Posten

Sweden One of the men who were shot in Malmö for Wednesday night has died of his injuries, according to police. Two different firings occurred with a short interval. During the Thursday morning arrested three people suspected of attempted murder.

It was at 21.42 on Wednesday night as the first of the shootings occurred on the Fosievägen in Malmö. When the police arrived at the scene found a bleeding man who should have been shot. The man was taken to hospital and was conscious during the journey.

On Thursday morning, could the police confirm that three people have been detained suspected of attempted murder.

– There are three people in custody suspected of being behind the shootings that occurred 21.42 on Fosievägen, ” says the police press officer Lars Förstell.

Young man died

Twenty minutes later was even gunfire. This time at the Annelundsgatan. The police were on the spot quickly, because by chance, had a patrol in the vicinity.

- An injured man is found and we start the life-saving measures, ” says Magnus Lèfevre, the duty officer at the police in Malmö, sweden.

the Man died during the night of his gunshot wounds. His relatives are notified.

the Man must have been in a bigger company, when they were shot at. However, the now deceased man to have been the only one in the party was injured.

How large the group was and what they did on the site want the police not to go into that. At the same time, it is stated that there are many ambiguities surrounding the event.

- The person who is deceased is known by the police, but not for a few more serious things. We are now looking at the subject and background, ” says Magnus Lefevre.

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Work hard

Both the attack has been closed off for technical examination and the police have secured the spent cartridges. During the night they have been working to get a better picture of both the events.

“We are working hard to hear the victim and witnesses,” says Magnus Lèfevre, the duty officer at the police in Malmö, sweden.

there Is no connection

According to the police suspect any connection between the two shootings. Two preliminary investigations concerning the murder and attempted murder in several cases, respectively, attempt to murder, has been started. No one is yet arrested.


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