Thursday, November 3, 2016

The uk amazes yet again – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

Theresa Mays brexit has fallen on a technicality and the pound rises again. The uk’s High Court has decided that the government is not allowed to get up and running utträdesprocessen without parliament’s approval.

the British prime minister, Theresa May has so far refused to give parliament the transparency of brexitprocessen or the ability to decide on how the exit should look like. Now it is possible that she needs to think about. Photo: Alastair Grant/AP

"the Decision has blown away the prime minister brexitplaner", writes ITV’s political correspondent Carl Dinnen on Twitter.

the Uk has lost the chin yet again this year. The legal examination of brexit launched by businesswoman Gina Miller, of the Deir Dos Santos, a Spanish barber, and the british who are residing in France, has won a surprising victory in the High Court. It is parliament and not the government to decide whether the Uk goes out of EU.

the Trial was about the british government been able to use a so-called royal prerogative, a right which gives them the opportunity to pull the country out of the international treaty, to initiate the brexitprocessen.

the law Firm Mishcon de Reya, who represented Miller and Dos Santos, argued that the statutory rights given to the british before the united kingdom joined the European economic community in 1972 could not be taken away from them without parliament’s approval.

the Government has stated that they are disappointed by the decision. More vociferous critics believe that this is a way to circumvent democracy.

Many meps have demanded that the parliament should get to vote on whether article 50 in the Lisbon treaty, which sets in motion utträdesprocessen, will be triggered. So far, prime minister Theresa May refused to give parliament the transparency of brexitprocessen or the ability to decide on how the exit should look like. Now it is possible that she needs to think about.

the Majority of the british parliamentarians do not want the Uk to leave the EU. But the question is how many of them can think of to vote against the result of the referendum on 23 June and at the same time, many of the voters in their own districts. Closer 421 constituency in England and Wales voted "submit".

hope continued close cooperation with the EUROPEAN union has received the decision with relief and even exhilaration. The political commentator Ian Dunt think that the decision can let in more moderate voices in the debate on brexit.

Labourpolitikern David Lammy, who in the past have called for a new referendum, calling the verdict "historic".

– It is about the belief in a sovereign parliament. Theresa May can no longer play the absolute monarch, he says to BBC.

the Government have stated that they are disappointed with the verdict. More vociferous critics believe that this is a way to circumvent democracy. Patrick O’flynn, one of the eurosceptic party UKIP’s meps, has called on people to demonstrate against the decision.

the Businesswoman Gina Miller, one of the that started the the legal trial of brexit, outside the High Court after the court’s decision on Thursday. Photo: Tim Ireland/AP

According to professor Matthew Goodwin, who has been studying in the eurosceptic movement in the Uk, is the statement that pouring gasoline on the populist flames.

the Questions are now more than the answers. The government will appeal against the decision of the supreme court. But today’s events will probably mean that it may take longer than expected before utträdesprocessen cranking. Vadslagningsbyrårerna in the Uk now believe that it will happen in the summer.

They have also lowered the odds for a new parliament next year. So far, Theresa May has promised to get started utträdesprocessen before the end of march next year. Now ask themselves more and more tyckare if she will remain as prime minister then.

the Spotlight falls on the stay-supporters in the conservative party. The former finance minister, George Osborne has kept himself in the background after the referendum, but can now make a comeback.

the Parliaments of Scotland, northern Ireland and Wales are also expected to make their voices heard on the issue. The welsh nationalist party Plaid Cymrus brexittalesman Jonathan Edwards welcomed the court’s decision.

“It is ironic that the government, after months of rhetoric that parliament needs to be independent tried to decide over the parliament in such a historic issue,” said Edwards to the BBC.

He added that it is important that parliament, in Wales also now have a say on when it comes to brexit. Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that the report is "very significant" and reveals "the total chaos and confusion" in the british government.

According to the BBC correspondent Norman Smith can the british prepare for months of complications in the parliament. At the same time, the quarrels in the pubs and on social media if it is the elected politicians who have the right to decide how brexit should look like, or if it is the people, who voted on 23 June, whose voice should be respected.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said that the High Court does not have any idea of the anger they now provoked. The cracks in the Uk becomes all the more profound.

first trial

Nearly 52% of the british voted "leave" on 23 June, 48 per cent voted "stay".

A measurement of the British Election Study shows that more of those who voted "leave" repent than those who voted "stay".

the Majority of the Uk’s 650 mps are deemed to have voted "stay". A measurement of the Press Association before the referendum showed that the 480 mps would vote "stay", 159 said they were going to vote "leave".

It is not the first time that brexit is discussed in the right. Last month sentenced the Belfast High Court that the court does not have the right to influence political decisions. Then it was the trial of the good Friday agreement could give northern Ireland a special permission to not go out of the EU, along with the rest of the Uk.

In northern Ireland, the concern is great that brexitprocessen can breathe life into the conflict between the loyalists and the republicans.


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