Thursday, November 3, 2016

Significant delays in the Stockholm traffic – Aftonbladet

A signal failure between Stockholm södra and Stockholm, sweden C created major delays in the train traffic on Thursday.

Several travelers were stuck for over three hours.

At 12.45 announced the Swedish transport administration that the bug was fixed but that there will be delays for the rest of the day.

During Thursday morning was the limited accessibility between Stockholm C and Stockholm södra after a massive signal failure detected at 08.30-time.

the Big delay was thus for long-distance trains between Stockholm C and Norrköping/Malmö and Hallsberg, sweden/Gothenburg, sweden/Eskilstuna.

Also SL:s commuter trains between Nynäshamn/Västerhaninge/Södertälje C/Tumba and Stockholm (C), and further north were affected.

Several travelers who responded to the Aftonbladet testified that they have been stuck in traffic in between 40 minutes to 1.5 hours.

"It is driven with the meeting"

Ulf Corneliusson was stuck on a x2000 train from Gothenburg that would have arrived to Stockholm just before 9 o’clock.

” I had a meeting at 10 but it is running now. They say that the train will be inside at 11 pm but it will not be. Right now we are stuck in the University, after having spent at least an hour in Södertälje sweden, ” says Ulf at 10.50 o’clock.

Ulf, who travel a lot in the job says that he is used to delays, but that he was now starting to tire.

” I have some important meetings in Stockholm scheduled next week that I can’t miss so then I’m wondering to take the flight instead.

Over three hours late

At 12 o’clock, announced the Ulf that he finally arrived.

It took only 3 hours and 8 minutes extra. Luckily I have time to my meeting at 13 but there were several on the train which was a little bitter that they needed to book their appointments several times. It is, of course, a lot of people sitting and waiting for one and then it’s not so much fun.

In the morning could neither SL or SJ say how many of their travelers were affected, but between 9-15 on weekdays SL over 85 000 embarking passengers on commuter trains.

the Travelers were referred to during the felsökningsarbetet to alternative itineraries and was informed that at more than a 20-minute delay is entitled to compensation for delay.

Fixed at 12.45

Christer Lundin at SJ’s press office confirmed that the man passed out with information on delays both on the web and by text message.

” those who have The opportunity can book their trip or get back the money.

At 12.45 announced the Swedish transport administration that the bug was fixed, but it’s going to be följförseningarna during the rest of the day.


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