Thursday, November 3, 2016

The detainee Rollén shall be released – returns to the ceo-job – Svenska Dagbladet

Ola Rollén, Hexagon’s ceo. Photo: Gunnar Lundmark

the News on Monday shocked the market: success-president and ceo Ola Rollén, who are ranked as one of the world’s 100 best ceos, has been detained by the Norwegian economic crimes agency Oslo suspected of insider dealing. Hexagon’s share plummeted on the stock market with 9.9 per cent on the news.

But now placed he out from custody later on Saturday.

“Yes, we have decided that there no longer is any danger in bevishänseende,” says Marianne Bender, the first statsadvokat at Økökrim in Oslo.

It means that Ola Rollén will not be able to destroy any evidence, according to the economic crimes agency. Therefore, it is no longer justified that he kept locked up, and the economic crimes agency has no intention to request that he should sit in jail than the latest on Saturday at 16. It may be that he is released before then.

"During the last week I have in which gone through the circumstances and events that led to the purchase of shares on the market and the subsequent listing of shares in Next Biometrics. I feel sure that I am innocent of insider trading. In the future I will cooperate with the Norwegian authorities and I hope for a quick decisive. I look forward to return to my job as ceo of the Hexagon", says Ola Rollén in a press release.

Now he will return to his job as ceo of the Hexagon.

“Ola continues to have my full support. As I have said before I have over 16 years of good cooperation have never had any reason to question his judgement," writes Melker Schörling, chairman of the board of Hexagon in a press release from the Hexagon.

suspicion against him remain.

“Suspicions,” says Marianne Bender, but do not want to say whether they strengthened or weakened since Saturday, when Ola Rollén was arrested.

“We are pleased to Lagmansretten come to the same assessment as we have today,” says Marianne Bender of the decision came earlier, during the Thursday, when Ola Rolléns the appeal of the detention, was rejected.

the Investigation will continue, but she would not comment on the investigation, or what will happen in the future.

What’s happening with the Ola Rollén when he is released, he gets a ride home, or being released he was just out on the street in Oslo?

“I do not want to comment on,” says Marianne Bender.

She tells us that she has met Ola Rollén.

How feel he?

“I do not want to comment on,” says Marianne Bender.

Ola Rollén is suspected to have had inside information about the Norwegian biometrikbolaget Next Biometrics, which he invested in the fall of 2015. Shortly after his investment pushed the share rocketed by 80 per cent.

Ola Rolléns Norwegian attorney Erik Keiserud think it is a positive indication that the Role is now being released from custody. But what it means for the investigation, he can not say, other than that the economic crimes agency no longer thinks that he can destroy any evidence.

Ola Rollén itself is, of course, also positive, ” he says.

When exactly he is placed, neither the Ola Rollén, or his lawyers yet gotten to know.

” We just know that it will be later on Saturday.

What happens when he is released?

“I do not know, and it is up to him to decide what he should do,” says Erik Keiserud.


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