Thursday, November 3, 2016

The government may not activate the brexit – Aftonbladet

The british government may not take a decision on the brexit on its own without the need to ask parliament first. It strikes a new court order is fixed.

the Ruling could delay the process even further – but the prime minister Theresa May will appeal:

"the Government is determined to respect the outcome of the referendum."

the united kingdom has not been clear who has the right to activate article 50 of the Lisbon treaty – and start brexit process.

it is clear Now that the prime minister, Theresa Mays of the government may take the decision to leave the EU on their own. They have to ask parliament about the matter. SEE ALSO How did really the british? how BOTH SIDES brexit

May: "Undemocratic"

a Tory-the party of government has seemed to have the right to press the button, without asking parliament. But a large part of the parliament have found that they do not have a mandate for it, and demanded that they should get to vote on the matter.

the Decision will now be appealed to the supreme court. The government type in a message to the is disappointed, according to Reuters:

"the Country voted to leave the European union in a referendum, laid down in the parliamentary decision. The government is determined to respect the outcome of the referendum."

Prime minister Theresa May accused in advance of the critical members of parliament for trying to "subvert democracy".

The big stumbling block is what demands the british to come to the negotiating table with the EU – something that differs across party lines.

Pound stack away directly

Theresa May has so far refused to reveal anything about its position for the negotiations with the EU. If the parliament to take a position on the matter, she will, in all likelihood, obliged to tell you more about the demands she has.

Reuters reports that the pound’s value soared immediately after the court’s decision. The stockholm stock exchange did not react significantly, but several Europabörser rose slightly, reports TT.

– this is what many want, that the Uk takes a step back from the brexitprocessen, ” says SEB’s chief economist Robert Bergqvist to the news agency.

– at the same time, there is a risk that the positive effect is over quite quickly, it is clear that it is only a step and that the supreme court hears the case, so the question remains. SEE ALSO PLUS After brexit: So will the EU look like in 2021

Points of law from 1610

A large part of the legal elite in the Uk has been involved in the decision. The court of the High Court writes that a number of fundamental rights will be withdrawn when the EU-law, disappears from English law, which requires the involvement of parliament.

– The most fundamental in the Uk constitution is that parliament is sovereign and can do and take away whatever laws they choose, ” says John Thomas, who leads the court.

The reference in the judgment, inter alia, to a law from 1610 – which establishes that the sitting monarch does not have the right to change the laws on its own and only has the mandate given him.

the formal act of the british government on the queen’s mandate.


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