Saturday, November 5, 2016

Supporter: Everyone I work with is for Trump – bbc Radio

– All of my friends are active on social media and 100 to 99 per cent of them are for Trump. Everyone I work with and there are people all over the country. It is just a Trump, Trump, ” he says.

He is an engineer and support Trumps economic policy, he wants to reduce immigration, and he wants to remove Obamacare. Health care reform who raised his own premium from 17 to 711 dollars a month, ” says Rob Schneider.

Donald Trump is campaigning hard against Obamacare, later in the day in the key state of Florida where it is evenly spread and that Trump must win to have a chance to become president.

” Obamacare is going away. Here in Florida, will the premium be increased by two-digit numbers, I shall not spoil the mood by talking about how much, ” said Trump, without mentioning that the state subsidizes the premium.

Trump enter and the candidates are traveling hectic in a few key states. It’s about getting people to vote, and Hillary Clinton gets the help of megastars like Jay-Z and Beyonce in Cleveland last night.

Boosted from well known artists and presidentparet Obama is supposed to convince, not least, the young and african american voters. Clinton’s campaign is mobilising, with success, the votes from voters with the Latin american utsprung which is a growing group, not least in Florida to match Donald Trump’s strong support, especially among white adult men.

Trump also looks to win on that libertarianen Gary Johnson is shrinking in the public opinion.


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