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Michelle Obama can be upset in the Clinton government – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

Michelle Obama is AMERICA’s first lady for a while. Getting Clinton elected president could she pick a by none, writes svenska Dagbladet’s Karin Henriksson. Photo: Andrew Harnik/AP

WASHINGTON. the Alternation does not happen formally until 20 January next year, but there are several thousand federal records – from ministers to officials at lower levels – which should be completed and in some cases first be approved by the senate.

If Hillary Clinton wins the election she can, at least initially, retain a part of president Barack Obama’s staff. But Donald Trump needs to start from the beginning – not only because it is eight years since the fall of former republican president George W Bush resigned, but that he met with doubt in the huvudstadsetablissemang where much of the recruitment takes place.

Michelle Obama has engaged in, inter alia, school meals, exercise, organic farming, and veterans and their families.

It has happened to presidents the appointment of ministers belonging to the other party. Obama went further than any other with all three pieces: defense secretary Bob Gates, who had to sit still, communications minister and minister for trade – but the latter got cold feet and dropped out.

Both campaigns say that the search for possible candidates is in full swing. It is questionable how safe it is, but Clinton is reported to swip name långvägaren at the Pentagon, Michèle Flournoy, defense minister position and the it director Sheryl Sandberg to finansministerposten.

But most of the buzz was there the other day about a intervjuuttalande where Hillary Clinton said, sure, she can think of to appoint Michelle Obama to a by none. Presidenthustrun has attracted jättepublik to their campaign speeches and hands down some of the lines that Clinton represented, for example, "When they lower themselves to low levels, we raise ourselves above them". Michelle Obama has engaged in, inter alia, school meals, exercise, organic farming, and veterans and their families.

Possible for nyckelpositionen as the chief of staff is Neera Tanden of the think tank Center for American progress, but there can be some comments haunt in the hacked e-mails, which Wikileaks released. "We know who actually said to Hillary that she can make use of private e-mail?" asks the Tooth at one point and then wonder if the punishment has been delivered.

Clinton will also have to manage requirements from different groups of the electorate who want to be thanked for their efforts, african americans, latinos, maybe muslims. And, in addition, from vänsterkrafterna in the party after the "democratic socialist" Bernie Sanders impressive successes in the primaries. It seems unlikely that he, or senatskollegan Elizabeth Warren, comes into question but they would surely like to have a word with the team. To take a treasury secretary from Wall Street, as usual, would not be welcomed.

Donald Trump’s followers are responding to always doubt on him and his experience that he will surround himself with the very best. Kampanjchefen Kellyanne Conway said recently that the search is in full swing. But the man who was responsible for the planning, New Jersey-governor Chris Christie, has not been visible lately, with the continuation of the legal aftermaths of the so-called Bridgegate affair. The latest on Christie is that Trump offered him vicepresidentposten only to then change their minds.

During the election campaign has Trump surrounded primarily with their adult children and the few experienced politicians, like former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani. Trump is now in its third kampanjchef and is after Clinton when it comes to such things as logistics in the provinces. All of this makes some political insiders sneer at the idea that Trump has already put together a polished team that is ready from the first day.

According to a report on the website Politico turns Trump to a group of older wealthy directors in the private sector for advice in specific issues. This so-called kökskabinett share Trump’s views on health care, free trade, and not least energy – with the extended exploitation of oil and gas, and the easing of environmental requirements. But there is much that speaks against the businessmen in the office. Secondly, they may end up in jävsituationer, firstly there is the example that they simply do not fit. The latter was George W Bush’s first treasury secretary Paul O'Nell who came from aluminiumjätten Alcoa. He was far too outspoken with the statements that went against the administration line, among other things, that the budget deficit would be higher than in the official estimates.

Less force than in other countries

It’s like in other countries, the government, ministers of different ministries, has much less power in the united states. The cabinet meets only a few times a year and the policy is drawn up from the Oval office.

in addition, It is relatively few ministers, 15 pieces, plus some that did kabinettstatus: chief of staff, UN ambassador, and the holding in the trade negotiations.

the Ministers are ranked in a fixed order: the foreign, finance, defence, justice, interior, home and so on.

The first woman was appointed to the minister’s name was Frances Perkins and she was the minister of labour in Franklin d. Roosevelt’s cabinet, between the years of 1933-45. No woman has been finance, defence or krigsveteranminister or the chief of staff of the White house.


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